My Top 10 Books of 2020

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1:47 Don Quixote
2:40 The Count of Monte Cristo
3:31 Dune
4:45 Foundation
5:28 Into the Wild

6:36 Just Mercy
7:36 Capital in the 21st Century
8:22 How to Change Your Mind
9:33 The Gulag Archipelago
10:57 A Study of History

Music: Burn Within Sight — Dylan Sitts via Epidemic Sound (



God bless you

Moneke Innocent says: got a million views now John. Back when you started the channel your views were double digits.
Well done.

Hasz, Marcus says:


Read more

Comet Confetti says:

I actually really enjoy long dialogue when I really enjoy the book I'm reading.
I also wished The Count of Monte Cristo was a little bit longer… I didn't want it to end.

Tim Q says:

Thank you John!

光之骑士R. says:

love the first 3 books

Sea Oracle says:

🔱 Muse 🔱 Indie Storyteller 🔱 Tarot Card Reader 🔱 Dancer

🌸 I would love it if you read my book too, John 🧜🏻‍♀️💓 'Black Jaguar by Rachael Twig' 👁 Based on what you have said about the ones in this video, I really think you might like it.

Prince Talleyrand says:

Piketty would have done better if he’d written a personal finance book and explained to the average person how to save and invest. That would resolve his conundrum where the rich grow their wealth faster because they have investment returns, whereas the poor have just wage increases to rely on.

Moonbot 7 says:

I’m doing my first 52 book year and so far on a roll! Have you read anything by Robert Sawyer? Calculating God is amazing

S says:

Hi Jhon, I published a book months ago. It’s a book about productivity and how to use your mind to achieve your goals. It’s going to be free for the next seven days on Amazon. I’ll leave the link if you’re interested. Thank you! 🙏🏻

Brayan Delgado says:

“That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis

Karen Evans says:

I loved Into the Wild!

Krisha Ellamil says:

please read george orwell books :((( i highly recommend "1984" and "down and out in paris and london" <3

yash says:

I'd recommend 'Circe' -Book by Madeline Miller, amazing book

sebastian aminoff says:

How the hell did you have time to read these?!

Gokce Haner says:

Good advices. Thanks

Sandra Elder says:

Don Quixote is hilarious!
Oh, Into the Wild! Such a great nook – moving, fascinating, and sad.
Definitely interested in Just Mercy.

Emzy Willrich says:

John, I like the fact that you still read books like myself, including science fiction. It is apparently a dying art for many except real intellectuals. The pandemic's forced isolation has made me love books even more so. I am currently reading six actively with two more due to arrive in a few days. Although both my sister and I are speed readers (it is a gift), I don't like to do it for leisurely reading like she does but I have done it for making money reading essays. She has an undergraduate degree in English. I have an undergraduate degree in business. We both have advanced degrees as well. Thank you for mentioning Asimov's Foundation series. They are on my list to read. I think I will devote the summer of 2021 to reading them, leisurely of course!

Emzy Willrich says:

Read Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. I think you will find it very interesting.

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