Malibu Express Blu-Ray Unboxing and Review – Comedy – Crime – Mystery

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Malibu Express was provided to me free for review.
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– Malibu Express (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Blu-Ray @Amazon
Blu-Ray @Best Buy
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Blu-Ray Unboxing
Rated R
Run-Time 1H 45M
Rating 4.4/10
Bob’s Raintg 5.5/10
Director Andy Sidaris
Stars Darby Hilton, Sybil Danning, Art Metrano, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Brett Baxter Clark, Niki Dantine, Lori Sutton, Lorraine Michaels, Lynda Wiesmeier, Kimberly McArthur, Barbara Edwards, Abb Dickson, Busty O’Shea, Randy Rudy, Michael A. Andrews

Malibu Express Blu-Ray Unboxing
Malibu Express Review


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