Louis Sachar interview

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An interview with Louis Sachar on Author magazine.
For more advice and inspiration, go to: http://www.authormagazine.org/


T- Dex says:

I watch this for school

London Wells says:

Happy early 49th birthday to the talented and successful Louis!

Spike Spiegel says:

I missed this episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM

Super Paradise says:

Can you make more wayside episodes

Nate watson says:

The goat. Big Larry David energy

Lii Iuli says:

School project

Aaron Ying says:

So amazing , what great books. Great author.

Andrea Catalisano says:

Non mi sembra questo granchè

Sara Mulholland says:

Great interview

xcaluhbration says:

This man RULES! Wayside stories shaped my sense of humor so much as a child.

jason gregory says:

I had to watch this for a school project like if you are the same

Balagala doughnut says:

Very good books holes will always be my favourite book

Jerilyn Collins says:

I love his books. There's a boy in the girls bathroom will always be my favorite book. I first read it when I was in 5th grade and read it to my kids now

yummyjackalmeat says:

Every year during grade school there was a book fair. Every time it rolled around, I just hoped and prayed a new Lois Sachar book would be out. I loved those books. Not just the wayside books, but the other novels too! Then holes came out, and that was even better! I always wondered who this man was, but I had no way of knowing back then. Thank you internet!

Andrea Patane says:

I watched Holes and noticed that it was based on the book by Louis Sachar.

Lucy Kane says:

I love his books I have read holes , small steps, pig city and im reading more

VanessaLily says:

"Holes" is my favorite book to read with my 6th grade students! AWESOME book that pulls in even the most reluctant readers! So many great discussion and journal topics and also extension activities.

Annette says:

Thanks for ruining the ending.

Chloe Batty says:

I agree. Just need more!

Melis Gilroy says:


zaydl says:


Gideon White says:

YESSS still my favorite books

sonia094 says:

Love him 🙂 my favorite books by him growing up were: Sideways Stories From Wayside School, There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom, & Sixth Grade Secrets.

Pundit2k says:

Is that Larry David?

cheezhead100 says:

This guy is one BAMF and he looks like Larry David, although I'm sure he doesn't run into nearly as much confrontation.

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