Let's discuss The Rage of Dragons | Is it worth the hype?

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The Rage of Dragons has been getting some rave reviews, I’ll let you know my thoughts on the book and whether I think it’s worth the hype. This review does have spoilers, they are halfway through and will be pointed out in the video.

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Kenny kohen says:

I hated it the main character is just a stupid shonen character, they never explain the random names for everything, the peace terms were retarded and the when deserved to die for even suggesting it, uses the rank Major once which totally breaks with the other stupid names, the world is not explored at all, says it's matriarchal but it's only symbolic the men still have the power.
if the XIDDINE could have invaded in that direction the entire time then why didn't they do it? If the sea is so rough then how did so much make it through? It's never explained I'm just supposed to accept that it happened. Plain retarded.
Ohh and the stupid spirit realm logic, they don't need to lose gifted with every dragon summons they just choose to it's so dumb

Decent for a debut book but it

Trevor Marshall says:

I would have loved to see more of Zuri's story from her perspective. She seemed like a character with a lot of depth, and that would have been a great opportunity to explore the political side of things, which I completely agree the book could have benefited from. Overall I really loved the book, I read the last two thirds of it all in one day lol

Chels - My Reading Escape says:

I just got this from my brother for xmas

Paula Novotná says:

I actually don't think the book is worth the hype. It's not a bad book but what I hated was how everyone tried to protect Tau – always help him get out of the mess he got himself into. They always rushed in to help him even though he never did anything for them in return. He was protected even if it didn't make any sense. And he never stopped to think that maybe some of the things that happened to him and the people he cared about might have been his fault (which they mostly were) yet he always seemed to blame anyone but himself. I mean… yes, the caste system was dificult to live in and unfair to the lowborn. And yet, metaphorically speaking, Tau basically smeared meat on his own arm and paraded himself in front of a lion who of course tore off his arm. What did he expect? And yet, he blamed the lion and swore revenge…

Jillian Amena says:

I definitely will check out this book

Youboreme says:

2 things about this book piss me off…. the sex scene should've been done better or just been a fade to black. And the 2nd book has not been released fast enough

QandTG says:

This was a fantastic review. We just read it a couple weeks ago & are looking forward to the sequel. Your breakdown was excellent & I enjoyed your POV. Subbed.

Paul_the_bookworm says:

It's so not worth the hype.

Starting a book with a battle is very odd as I had no reason to care about any of the characters yet. Then I saw it was set in the past so I think, OK now we'll get some character and world building. No, another battle, and again I had no reason to care about anyone.

Top this off with characters I couldn't for a second keep track of in terms of who's who, a class system that is far too complex to be just dumped on you with little to no explanation, zero attempt to explain anything in the world or establish who anyone is.

I DNF'd it after 100 pages. Upon reading spoiler reviews it seems things didn't change much going forward so I have zero regrets. I'm happy for those who liked it but once again I was left wondering if I read different words at times.

Yulenni Venegas Lopez says:

So I know this was three months ago but I just finished reading this book yesterday and I’m so obsessed with it. I’m usually pretty good with pacing myself reading a book but this book I literally devoured in two days, and I don’t regret the lack of sleep it was so phenomenal. I think you’re right about the cons, I really really want us to have the queen’s pov as a fixed feature or at the very least Kellan’s pov in addition to Tau, because from the glimpses we got from his character he is someone who is more politically conscious and savvy whereas Tau isn’t. I really want to explore their relationship more, I think they’d really get along considering the complicated relationships they have with their fathers and how those relationships have deeply informed their decisions. At the very least I do think it would be very interesting to see how their relationship develops since Tau had originally put him on his hit list. I also really want to get into like what EXACTLY did Tau do when he tried to save Zuri, because it says he drew power from Isihogo but what does that MEAN?? So he was able to draw power while inside Isihogo but can he draw power while he’s in the real world?? Where does that power come from exactly what does the training for that power look like?? I think if he has to train himself to use that power it’s going to be really difficult for him since it’s not like swinging a sword or working a muscle like you can’t see it in the same way. And now he can actually DIE die in Isihogo?? How can he keep training if there’s no real safety net?? What would a safety net even look like?? Knowing him he’s gonna do a very stupid thing but I love it and I can’t wait. Anyways that’s it I fully agree with everything you’ve said, I’m still screaming, and I’m so glad you read it because I need someone to vent to since nobody I know has read it yet lol ok bye

crazyace421 says:

You make a lot of good points about the book that I share (the lack of side character development and attachments) and made a good point about how a Zuri pov could have fleshed out the book and the politics that I didn't even think of. I do think there's an argument that the book is so streamlined and has such a one-track mind on purpose, and expansion in those areas would hurt it's pacing, but it's still interesting to think about.

doug jarvis says:

good review, book bought , hope i like it.

Luisa Vasconcelos says:

Found your channel recently so I came here to know if we have similar opinions. We do! Subscribed

Excellent review!

The Book Pusher says:

yeeess i wanted zuri's pov soo bad! she had such an interesting storyline but she was positioned only to dump info onto tau when the story needed it! i loved the book but i really wanted a bit more nuance since it felt like 300 pages of battle montage, which is great but a bit exhausting to read about.

Lucy Tan says:

I hope this leads to a movie!

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