How to Write Crime Fiction: How a Mystery Works

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In this video, we cover the writing mechanic that lies at the heart of all good mysteries: the GAME. A mystery novel is a game between the reader and the writer, who use the detective and villain characters as game pieces.

THIS is the secret to writing an engaging mystery!

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Fred Crustenbraten says:

This is exactly what the TV show 'Castle' did wrong from about the 5th season on. The killer always was someone from the first five minutes of the episode, who said two lines of dialogue and was never mentioned again, until the end, where he/she is revealed to be the killer and the viewer get's all the clues at once.

vishruti pandey says:

I want to ask that is it necessary for the detective (reader) to win
if no then I want to write something in which the detective feels like he is winning but at the end he finds out he's not. like the killer would turn out to be someone who has been helping him (more like miss guiding) the whole time and at the end everything seems to make sense that the partner fits perfectly with every crime
I would appreciate your help

NoFontDev says:

This man is still replying to his comments after two years. This was a great video! As a complete beginner you unquestionably deliver solid information to help us get started. I am surprised that you have this few subscribers. Maybe because writing stories is a niche hobby? I hope you continue with this kind of stuff, because you inspired me. I wanted to create a detective story and you motivated me to continue on doing so. The main thing that deters me is the lack of information and you help me and others out. Thanks again!

NoFontDev says:

Some of you might not like anime, but Death Note… Man. It flips the whole idea of reader:detective :: writer:villain on it's head. You root for the villain, or at least, if you want to be morally correct.

Dino Adlesic says:

Awesome lesson, very powerful concept!
Thank you!

The 7th Seven says:

Great lessons✨💯

sadman sad says:

Excuse me! How would you write a mystery novel if you wanted to write it from the perspective of the criminal?

skydiver 91 says:

If I sent you my plot and thought processes, would you mind telling me what makes sense and what doesn't? What's a cliche/rookie mistake and what is original enough to be engaging?

Ramsha Shahid says:

i just love the video writer=villein and reader=detective

Patricia Lehman says:

Great first lesson in mystery writing. Thanks.

Calder Levine says:

Good intro. A bit long and repetitive. I would've liked to seen some specific examples ranging from easy to hard "games" the writer can play.

Craig Copland says:

Just found this set of videos. Highly recommended. Very useful to a new writer. Thank you.

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