COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE (Blu-ray Review) – Vinegar Syndrome

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Muzikgirl67 says:

Hi there! This is my first time seeing your channel and this is the first review of yours that I have had the pleasure of watching!👍 I really do enjoy & appreciate the way you try to explain all your thoughts about the movie in detail, and if I could just share and chime in on a few points that you had made during your review please📀… I know you mentioned that you had watched a previous version of this film that seemed out of sync and completely chopped up… I'm wondering if that might have been an "edited for tv" version as I remember seeing this movie back when "Elvira- Mistress of the dark" was presenting weekly horror movies on her TV show… And I'm sure you know that for TV time, they cut out a bunch of the "good stuff" since they have to make enough time for commercial endorsement and plus Elvira herself ranting on and on during the movie about supposedly how "horrible the movie is" takes a lot of the film out during a two-hour time slot..Also in regards to the film's quality..It is a Spanish-made film, which of course means much more of a "low-budget" type of production…The foreign films of yesteryear never had the "polished" look as they weren't able to have the same technology in using expensive and better cameras on the set or the same expense as let's say an American-made film..but sometimes, I'm sure that over the years it can probably add to a film's eerieness and charm! thanks once again for a terrific review, and I will be looking forward to checking out more of your videos! Have a great week ahead, and take care! Elizabeth📹📼🎥📀


Great review on this one bud, I'm really looking forward to mine arriving from diabolik, it's one I've never had the chance to see before.

TMONEY86 says:

Great review bro…I'm prob gonna bust this out tonight

Retro Horror says:

rockin that godzilla shirt. im going in the morning to see shin godzilla myself

James Hayes Jr says:

Great review. I like how your reviews are always in depth and detailed.

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