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A list of books I think should be movies, tv shows, video games–just adaptations of basically any sort 🙂

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Azriel Thompson says:

I'm not really into video games, but I think I could actually get into a Mistborn video game. With the whole magic system, and all.

Marli says:

I feel like that if Percy Jackson ever got an adaptation again it should be a cartoon Series, the art style for the rebooted voltron would suit the series
(I’ve never actually watched it but I have seen clips and thought the style would suit PJ)

Jasmine Crane says:

Elliott what's the second book you talked about? I can't really make out the title or author from the video 😪

Aakash S says:

I would like to see movie adaptation of Voyagers of hell. It can be a great fantasy ficiton like Lord of the rings or indiana jones.

Catie And Her Cats says:

I need to film a video like this!

Zuzu C says:

That Polish cover of Mistborn though!

Lori Ann White says:

Top Ten
1. Malazan Book of the Fallen
2. Octavia E. Butler oeuvre
3. Dark Tower
4. Black Panther origins
5. Earthsea
6. The Inheritance Cycle
7. The Doom Of Valyria
8. The Faith & The Fallen
9. The Fallen Isles
10. The Broken Earth Trilogy

Amestria says:

Hi, I`ve probably missed it somewhere before but why do you have a Polish edition of Mistborn? I'm curious. Also the Russian. Is it because they have cool covers?

Supernorry says:

How can those freekin polish covers be so awesome!

Diego Maza says:

Michael Strogoff by Jules Verne

Locke Lamøra says:

I would love to see a strongbow saga movie. It’s a great series that he needs to finish soon 😂

Cora Elise says:

I kept hearing about a Red Rising series/film (Pierce Brown has addressed this a few times) and I'd be interested in how it'd be pulled off. Amazon might be the only production company that could financially pull it off, though.
Also, I want a Shades of Magic cartoon!! I think that'd be so perfect.
Uglies by Scott Westerfield is one I've been waiting for since like 2007..

sleestack13 says:

Just FYI, there are 4 books in the Bartimaeus "trilogy". Also, just a helpful suggestion for the future… please write the book titles and authors somewhere in your description. The books in your hand are in constant motion, and sometimes your spoken words run together. It took me near 10 minutes of pausing and re-watching to catch the "Strongbow Saga" as referenced. Love your videos. Thanks for the content.

Atalia X says:

I agree! Vicious would be an amazing mini series.

Captain Crunch says:

A random Chinese company that doesn’t make good work bought the adaptation rights for Brandon Sanderson’s cosmere, so don’t expect anything more than mediocre until someone else buys the rights. Maybe Amazon or Netflix or something.

Edit: even Sony given they’d make fantastic games based on this IP.

Blacklabelz9 says:

I really vibed with your preferences and style. It was hard to explain. Then you mentioned how Mistborn could be set in a victorian setting similar to bloodborne. Now I realize theres no need to explain.

david dangerfield says:

Hi Elliot, really like your work! Please check out my new sci fi fantasy young adult novel 'The Music Of The Spheres' by David Dangerfield . Features Australian indigenous, musical, political, ecological, mythological and metaphysical themes… Paperback and eBook now available worldwide online and in store….

I don't think it strictly drops into any particular genera, it's 130 pages and designed to be a quick but mind bending read…I think it would make a pretty good musical feature film adaption as it began life as a script for a feature musical film. Not sure that it's the type of fantasy book you would usually review but let me know if you would like me like to send you a copy… . In any event, thanks for you're work and good luck 😉

Story synopsis: song lyrics, music and dance action in the world of the not-too distant future is plagued with ecological disaster, economic collapse and ruled by a tyrannical corporation called Omni. A 12-year old Afghan named Orpheus, cast among millions of ecological and political victims within a mass detention center in central Australia, can bend reality with their singing voice…

Careful to evade Omni's brutal oppression and obsessive control over emerging new dimensional possibilities known as the 'The Spheres', Orpheus teaches their gifts there to a growing counter culture of 'Orphics'. With the help of a blind Australian indigenous elder named Yunuringa and the arrival of the comet causing the dimensional anomalies, prophesied to be an ancient artificial intelligence arc known as The Argus, Orpheus leads the Orphics at mass Corroboree's in The Spheres… With collective voice, they heal the sick, empower the poor and mend the Earth's ecology… Evolving the hearts and minds of all who can hear… The Music of the Spheres..

About the Author : Whilst working a variety of day jobs David Dangerfield's consuming passion has been music, composing, performing and recording a considerable trove of instrumental music over many years. From grunge, avant rock, electronic, abstract, ambient and sound scapes to performing and recording soundtracks for short film, dance, theatre, arts festival pieces and digital media. To hear new and archive instrumental music by the author please search ‘David Dangerfield’ at @t. David has also been an announcer and music programmer for commercial and public radio, DJ’ed in bars and clubs and consulted to Olympic riders on music for the dressage freestyle, amongst many other musical adventures… The culmination of his extensive arts and communication industry experience is his magnum opus, The Music Of The Spheres: an epic seven part musical myth cycle, the first installment of which is this volume-The Songlines Of Orpheus

The Bookish Mom says:

I really like adaptations if done right. I'm really excited for the Wheel of Time adaptation, and would love a mistborn adaptation ( though I've heard Sanderson is working on a script so that's super exciting).

James Wansborough says:

Movies / series etc I need:
Dragonlance Chronicles
Name of the Wind
Codex Alera (Jim Butcher)

the stainless steel rat

I could go on…

of course actually getting a movie of your favorite stories is a bit of a gamble.. will they ruin it?

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