ARTINQUIRY-Requiem for a Dream an interview with author Hubert Cubby Selby

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Requiem for a Dream an interview with Duncan Elkinson


ChangingYoutubeUsernameIsNeedlesslyComplex says:

that video quality

Alex Gamota says:

11:20 whos his other favorite hero besides gandi

Alex Gamota says:

who does he say his favorite writer is at 8:20? beethoven?

Joanna Revel says:

What an inspiring, and thoughtful interview, he put a spotlight on parts of society, that get cast aside, and he did it with a dignity and respect for the characters, and his overall outlook on life is a force to be reckoned with

Lidia Miroglio says:

Wow He cited Richard Price. Whosé first Book is easily parallel To 'Last exit'.. didn't Think Selby knew about Price's existance

A. El Sahn says:

can you hear me, can you see me..

C M says:

very underrated interview. I miss him.

Angeleckt says:

Have he been a drug addict himself?

lukee sublime says:

I'm currently reading this book.

Henry Rollins did a podcast about him

C M says:

Did the book he's talking about that he's writing get published?

Michael Martin says:

2:33 "Shelby"

Murakami R says:

Loved this writer for years, and now I've heard that in person he was very kind and genuine. Just a great author who is vastly underrated. In a writing course at my college the professor asked every student what author they find the most inspiring, I said that Hubert Selby Jr. was my favorite and the professor had no idea who he is, which was really surprising to me because his writing style is groundbreaking.

razorfistforce1 says:

Hubert Selby Jr. was one of the most brilliant and underrated writers of the 20th century…A true artistic genius for those readers with enough guts and intelligence to explore the dark side of human existence. "Requiem For A Dream" and "Last Exit To Brooklyn" should be taught in every college literature course in the US.  

tankmaster1018 says:

I would be so proud if I wrote the book that the movie was based off of. One of the best movies of all time and you get to say it wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you and you would be right!

chimpkilla says:

@Strela1. Amazingly enough you misspelled "genius". Lol!

chimpkilla says:

Amazing writer

Ben Jacobs says:

simply a genius

Lori O says:

thanks for uploading btw 🙂

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