Are YA Movie Adaptations Dead

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Kendra Harris – Hey John, love the show. Ever since Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games ended, movies based off of a YA Fantasy or Sci-fi series have failed to launch a franchise. Harry Potter made 7B, Twilight did 3.3B, and Hunger Games made 2.9B. The only two franchises that followed up decently were Maze Runner at 949M and Divergent at 765M. Nowadays, with comic book movies at the top, it’s been getting harder and harder to launch the next big YA franchise. Could it possibly be due to wrong timing and/or the trend being dead?

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Lauren P says:

People reached YA fatigue. I think they’ve moved to the small screen for now.

Otaku Senpai says:

YA ??? Yong Yea?

Annika says:

Twilight in the same group with Harry Potter just NO

Nella J says:

I agree with everything all 3 of them said. I think young adult book to film adaptations are a thing of the past but I will never say never. If they were to make another film based on a fantasy/ science fiction young adult book series, the first thing is to get a competent crew and staff with a well experienced director who has been Oscar nominated. I know Ready Player One isn't based on a novel but Steven Spielberg did an amazing job on that movie. Make a great movie, all you can hope for is good word of mouth to spread so that more and more people will go see it. Personally I like The 5th Wave, I Am Number Four and The Darkest Minds films but even i could see that they were poorly made films. The graphics on those films were horrible and the pacing is choppy. I did fall in love with the characters though

Tramaine Terrance says:

Robert might be right about this. Nothing can last forever, especially, when something was made during a certain time period. The movie medium has changed, since those movies came out. I dont think we'll ever get a next one of those franchises.


Josh Hunt says:

Before the hunger games film came out I had never heard of it, same with twilight. I don’t know about the us but they definitely not everywhere in the uk. Harry Potter was obviously but not the other two

vijay suman says:

The maze runner is an underrated gem…1st is great and 2 is ok and 3 is great…better than twilight and much better paced franchise than hunger games the last 2 hunger games movies are overlong

HonestHedgehog Life says:

There hasn’t been any big worthwhile YA novel series to become movie series. I’d appreciate recommendations, nothing romance focused though (ex: Matched series)!

Spectre ! says:

What does YA mean

Andrew M says:

Yeah no worries… I’ll just go google YA go make sure it means what I think it means… thanks for [not] taking the time to clarify that acronym

Alex Pollock says:

I don’t know if Robs read the Harry Potter books, but as a 20 year old who grew up with the movies (which I still prefer to the books) I just read them for the first time last year and from the third one on they become very sophisticated.

Nicky Morris says:

The franchises listed certainly seem to indicate a downward trend, but I think there is a multitude of reasons for this looking like a problem on the surface and it isn't quite as simple as it appears. Firstly, the Harry Potter series, as you correctly pointed out, is one of the biggest global phenomenons in recent memory, on the scale of something like Pokémon when the anime/video game/card game first came out. If made well, the films were always destined to make serious bank. Twilight had a similar, though smaller impact, especially among the teenage girl/young woman demographic, though the series was much more poorly written. Even though I dislike the films, I think they're quite well-directed, and do a lot of favours for the sub-par source material. With regards to the Maze Runner series, I do wonder if it suffered a little from striking too much of a resemblance to the plot of the Hunger Games, with a group of teenagers engaging in bizarre tests for a morally-grey government in a futuristic dystopia. I think the franchise could have stood tall on its own if only it had been given the chance to come out a few years after the Hunger Games. That's part of the problem with rushing out properties to capitalise on market trends. As for the Divergent series, I've only seen the first movie, but I just didn't find them to be as well-made as most of the others mentioned here (perhaps as well as Twilight, but as mentioned that had a larger fanbase to begin with).

TL;DR – I don't think the problem is a weariness with the genre in general, but rather picking the right properties at the right time, and making sure they're well-executed. Rushing things out for profit is nearly always a bad move. Also, don't expect every franchise to do as well as some of the other immensely popular entries in the genre. Success isn't always measured by the same levels of box office returns.

FriendlyQuesadilla says:

Maze Runner is an amazing book series but they changed literally EVERYTHINGGGGG in the movie adaptation. That’s why it did complete crap in the box office. I watched the first two films (only because I thought the second one might Course correct) BUT NOPE! STILL TRASH! Love the books though and highly recommend them for all ages.

J'mar Wiley says:

Do YA stand for young adult?

Nathan Andrews says:

I would love to see someone take source material from a book with a great idea but not good execution and make it into a great movie.

josh zdanowicz says:

i read all five Percy Jackson books and loved them just as much as Harry Potter, but man did they screw up the movie adaptations, which is why only two movies got made. Read hunger games too, not as good as those other two but still great. Skipped twilight all around, have no interest in sappy teenage romance that tries to pass itself off as an epic fantasy series, especially the movies…barf totally not my thing…lol

Chief says:

Maximum Ride was one of my favorite book series in grade school. They butchered that film adaptation.

David Hernandez says:

i've read a few YA recently that i hope will be turned into movie franchises. If not hope they turn into great streaming service shows. like they did with Series of unfortunate events for Netflix. Hope Percy Jackson gets a good series order. Chronicles of Narnia will appear on Netflix. BTW YA died cuz they all seemed the same. i too wouldn't put Harry Potter in YA. i would put it in lord of the rings category as epic saga/journey.

Near says:

Harry Potter > The MCU and I am ready to 1v1 everyone who disagree's come at me bro.

Nestor Martinez says:

I feel the YA interests have shifted. My daughter is 11 years old and she reads "The Warrior Cat" series by Erin Hunter, which has a huge following among her age group (9-15). She doesn't care about Harry Potter, just as lots of YA readers are discovering new material. Things like Five Nights at Freddy's have grabbed the attention of this age group and is going to be developed into movies. It's a new era.

The InfernoMan says:

Bro I read this in my head like YA with an east coast accent lol

GamersPlayBR says:

I really enjoyed the Maze Runner trilogy, I wish it made more money.

Flash says:

Im just glad u recognize the king and put him in front.

maddox glow says:

Umm. Yes..another thing to discuss..what does ya stand for ? 😂

Phoenix Clouden says:

Kendra Harris? That's my cousin!

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