A Discovery Of Witches Episode 5 REACTION

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Today we talk about episode 5 of A Discovery of Witches! Comment below what your favorite episode has been thus far.

Book Review: https://youtu.be/3Gv09rfkGsg


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michmirich says:

Not killing Gillian… The producers made several decisions to make Matthew more likable. Without the extra buildup of his character thats in the books, Matthew could easily come across as a complete bastard. For example, in the books he never has any intention of telling Diane that he attacked Gillian but in the show he actually starts to.

Sparky Loves Books says:

Also "we are one. We will always be one" liiiiiike

Sparky Loves Books says:

This was my favorite episode of the season! I had soooo many feels watching it. And the casting is spot on and it really showed here. And the angst ughhhh

Kiki says:

Please recommend a book similar to discovery of the witches ,i'm a book lover as you are and have ran out of books,i love books like shadowhunters,discovery of the witches and so on,i'm desperate ,please help ,anything about vampires ,nephelims,demons witches and so on i'm craving this type of books since i finished reading the shadowhuntet snsnd the discovery of the witches,please i need your help with book recommendation cos i see you love books as i do.

Kiki says:

It is too painful that we can't watch discovery of the witches yet in the u.s and other places except in the u.k ,it is hard to say much as we mostly has read the books but have not been able to watch the series but your video gives a lot of insight into the episode ,very good job dear , cos without people like you doing this out there we will totally be miserable.

fatima sakoor says:

Hahahah you are funny … Matthew Goode is amazing !! He is charming and dark at the same time … I love how he describes her but yea no reference to her looks and she is Beautiful but that doesnt seem to be a factor at all which is very refreshing… Yes it is so rushed !! The face is Meridiana a witch Gerbert captured and decapitated for her premonitions…. I love the bundling !! So cute… Thanks for the review …

thatfictionlife says:

Hope you enjoy the video guys! My puppy Luna does the cutest yawn towards the end, best part of the review let's be real 🖤

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