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Melly Mel says:

Can roo from hunger games play natasha please. .. I would love to see her as natasha 😊

Ranger Vanessa says:

I've been waiting forever for The Rangers Apprentice series to become a movie. There are many dedicated people working on it, but complications keep slowing the process

buck says:

if the raven cycle series come out and it's like riverdale… i'll die. goodbye .nope .

i'm just wondering how they'll do it, i think it really comes down to casting like, if they're not grEAT, it'll all be wrong because it's so character driven, and also the books are so special because of the WRITING alone so … yes i am terrified but i guess it's happening ;~;

Charlotte Fennessy says:

These all sound great, especially unearthed! I'm so excited to see the movie for Ready Player One, that was one of my favourite books I read last year. The world I love is going to come to life, ahhhh! <3

Charlotte | https://charlotteidek.com

sandyreadsalot says:

I'm also so excited for Love, Simon! Becky Albertalli gushes about the film adaptation, which makes me even more excited that it's going to be great! Also super excited for The Darkest Minds and THUG!

Curls.Creativity.Chaos says:

This was a great video! I’m excited to see what’s ahead and I’ve added all of the books to my TBR!

The Three Bookshelves says:

Ready Player One, Ready Player One! I've loved that book for years and am so freaking pumped for the movie!

I always fancast characters in my head and I love when authors get in on that too! It was so satisfying to learn Victoria Schwab had the exact same people in mind for Kell and Holland as I did (Eddie Redmayne and Mads Mikkelsen).

G-Swizzel says:

I'm pretty sure I hear ADSOM was picked up by SONY to be a movie, and Throne of Glass will be a HULU Original TV Show.
I'm so excited for THUG and The Darkest Minds too!
I'm literally currently reading Simon Vs for the first time at the moment and OMG I SHOULD'VE PICKED IT UP SOONER IT'S CUTE AF

Katie says:

WHAT THE RAVEN CYCLE IS GOING TO BE ON TV?! omg I could cry right now!!

Renny Danston says:

I REALLY hope they cast appropriately for The Sun Is Also A Star because I loveeee that book and I would hate for it to be done an injustice

Flying Through the Pages says:

I'm so excited for the Chaos Walking movie!! They finished filming it in November so we have to wait until 2019 but I'M SO STOKED. Tom Holland, my favorite actor, is gonna play Todd and he's so perfect for the role AND Daisy Ridley is gonna be Viola. It's gonna be so wonderful. I'm so ready.

hejer dhakouani says:

What about all the bright places ?? !! .. I really wanna see its movie adaptation .. :'(

Stephanie Lastname says:

The trailer for Love, Simon is adorable!!! I love it! I haven't actually read the book yet, hopefully I'll read it before the movie. Love, Simon looks so gooood though I can't wait for it to come out!

Gab says:

My most anticipated adaptation is Between Shades of Gray (‘Ashes in the Snow’ for the movie) fjsjdnfj I might just cry if it’s bad 😩 I think this is such a fun video idea! Maybe I’ll make one about my own with my most anticipated book to movie adaptations 🤔

drumsofautumn says:

Amandla Stenberg is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns! Just letting you know for the future :3

Bookish High Lady says:

Thank you for doing this video Ash, I didn’t know about half of these 😮 I hope of the throne of glass series kicks butt!

Basically Britt says:

Yesss omg so excited for Love, Simon and THUG!!

Gabby Faieta says:

What do you use to edit videos??

ElizaReads says:

I had no idea that The Raven Boys was turning into a show. 😱🤗🤗🤗🤗

Eva Reads says:

I just finished THUG and I LOVED it and I can't wait for the movie!!

Sam Fokke says:

Did you know that the Throne of Glass series is becoming a tv show called 'Queen of Shadows'? I believe they even started writing the script.

Jemma G says:

I haven’t read Simon vs the homosapien yet but I realllly need to before it turns into a film!

Shelvesfullofbooks says:

"And actors who can actually act well" SHADOWHUNTERS😂🤣

Vicky Avila says:

The Name of the Wind adaptation! Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing the music for the t.v. series 😍🔥 I can't wait to see the magic!

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