Your Daily Penguin: Dracula!

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Book Hunterrr says:

i have been coveting that cover ever since i saw it in Book Depository! Pls toss it my way😅 💛

Book Hunterrr says:

i have been coveting that cover ever since i saw it in Book Depository! Pls toss it my way😅 💛

Robert Davis says:

Dracula was one of the first “classic” novels I ever read on by my owl volition, and has remained my favorite book ever since. I just finished Frankenstein for the first time a few weeks ago, and it definitely didn’t hold a candle to Dracula for me. Strangely, I recall being bored to tears for the first half of it, but the latter half cemented its greatness in my mind forevermore. I think I simply must reread it soon (I’ve never reread anything, despite all the reading I do).

Mark Hirst says:

Hi Steve. I'm a new subscriber to your channel and am enjoying it enormously. Dracula is my favourite novel, and I was delighted to see this video. I was going to mention the cover of The Essential Dracula actually being Klaus Kinski, but I see someone has beaten me to it. Anyway, I just wanted to recommend a few other editions of this great novel that you might be interested in. They're both annotated editions. The first one is by Clive Leatherdale entitled Dracula Unearthed. Like Wolf's book, it's heavily annotated and extremely entertaining. The other is The New Annotated Dracula by Leslie S. Klinger. It's also great, but the annotations are written from the angle that the events of the novel actually happened. A beautiful book. Incidentally, Wolf's hardcover The Annotated Dracula, which I guess is the first edition of Essential, is absolutely beautifully illustrated by Wilfried Satty that really recalls the art of the great Gustave Dore. It's well worth looking into. All the best!

Reflective Rambling says:

Always behind on commenting sigh I don't watch a lot of these, but I certainly couldn't ignore Dracula! I clicked mostly to see if you'd mention Stoker's other works. I've only read The Jewel of Seven Stars and wasn't particularly moved. While none apparently live up to this, is there any in your opinion that were a little more successful than the others?)

What I didn't expect was a lightbulb, I have read this several times, and I never picked up on the pacing being like each as an act. You're completely right. I can't wait to have this in mind come my October re-read! I also really want all of these related books/editions now. So I may be glaring at you a little.

Another Dracula lover on booktube loved the Anno Dracula series, but then ended up raving once they hit a certain point. BUt now that I have a counter opinion I'm back to being on the fence. I am fascinated, but cautious about all pastiche novels for this book as I've long toyed with doing my own, though not focused on what many I've seen, and don't want an outside influence. I may have to bite the bullet if the series is that good.

The Bookclectic says:

Oh Steve you're speaking my language here! I'm going to do a response video to this sometime soon!

gunwitch72 says:

Great recommendations here. Can’t wait to find this Anno Dracula sounds amazing!

Laverne Hodge says:

I ordered Anno Dracula but Something In The Blood was out of stock. I didn't know about the biography of Bram Stoker. I love a good vampire story. I'm reading Interview With the Vampire right now. In my much younger days I would hurry home from school to watch Dark Shadows.

Jennifer Brooks says:

I found Frankenstein incendiary when I read it but really struggled with Dracula. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard you sing it’s praises and I clearly need to revisit it. I am an Anne Rice fan! I should adore this! 😂 I’m looking forward to trying it again.

Chris Lawmon says:

Another good continuation of the Dracula tale is Elizabeth Kostova's 'The Historian'. Well worth the read!

Jordan S says:

Thank you Steve. In some past video you offhandedly mentioned The Magic Mountain, praising it and now its my favorite book. I would be a poorer reader without your channel.

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