Writers Talk 4 |The Top 100 Fantasy Books Podcast

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Welcome to our new podcast series, Writers Talk. In our fourth podcast, we talk about a list of the Top 100 Fantasy Books.

Writers Talk 4 | Top 100 Fantasy Books

It’s the most popular fictional universe ever made and, as with everything else, it began with writing.

In this podcast, our hosts, Oliver Fox and Christopher Dean talk about fantasy and the Time Top 100 Fantasy Books. (https://time.com/collection/100-best-fantasy-books/)

They talk about:

1. Oliver’s great new Fantasy Workbook https://www.writerswrite.co.za/product/the-fantasy-workbook/
2. The Time Magazine Top 100 Fantasy Books and what we think about it.
3. Fantasy books we think should be in the top 100 and interesting observations about the list.

Read the post here: https://www.writerswrite.co.za/writers-talk-4-the-top-100-fantasy-books/

What Is Writers Talk?

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Writers Talk is the Writers Write podcast where our podcast hosts talk about everything to do with writers and writing.

The podcast is a more intimate setting that we will use it to tell you how we feel about books, writing, and the authors that write them.

Why Should I Listen?

You should listen if you:

1. Have an interest in writing and books and want to expand your knowledge.
2. Just want to listen to an interesting conversation about a fascinating person or subject.

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Raymond Jones says:

Oh, and I meant to paste the following from Time…… the panel did not nominate their own works public apology to Gaiman is needed. They were given 250 books to rate then rank then they were re-edited by Time staff based on some more criteria. Again sloppy work.

To develop our list, we began in 2019 by recruiting a panel of leading fantasy authors—Tomi Adeyemi, Cassandra Clare, Diana Gabaldon, Neil Gaiman, Marlon James, N.K. Jemisin, George R.R. Martin and Sabaa Tahir—to join TIME staff in nominating the top books of the genre (panelists did not nominate their own works). The group then rated 250 nominees on a scale, and using their responses, TIME created a ranking. Finally, TIME editors considered each finalist based on key factors, including originality, ambition, artistry, critical and popular reception, and influence on the fantasy genre and literature more broadly.

Raymond Jones says:

Grrrr sorry but do you "writers" know anything about the books on this list. Seems you watch film and TV and base much of your review on that as a source. Howls Moving Castle is by Dianna Wynne Jones a British author and a book first published in Britain although there is an American edition obviously you know nothing about the author. Neither of you have read the book obviously. Ursula Le Guinn not being a very good writer [implied] definitely Earthsea not well written ok it's an opinion but a very very minority opinion. Generally, you guys could have given the list the benefit of more and better research rather than a mishmash of personal perceptions and opinions not even based on reading the works.

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