Why You Should Read: The Expanse by James S.A. Corey

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Mike talks about his love for the science-fiction space opera series The Expanse by James S.A. Corey and why you should read (and watch) it.

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Kens Garage // 三菱3000GT says:

I agree with you so much here. THe Expanse is the best show I have seen in a long time. I wish I had the time to sit and read the books. I drive a semi so the audible books are perfect for me

karthi keyan says:

Please make why you should read it for Dune, i love to watch from you

Jeremy Stafford says:

you used astro physics as a non elective? damn son, that's some serious love of sci fi, lol

Chaz Khaira says:

I’m going to watch this

Subaided Warder says:

When it was revealed that amos is actually a trans that wants to transition back, i was blown away! I never seen that coming!

Benjamin Molina says:

Red Rising or this? My wallet can only take so much.

olstar18 says:

Actually the game of thrones in space is much more accurate than you give credit for. It isn't just that characters die but their conflicts are realistic in that you have the overall conflict between the governments and then you have the conflicts of the individuals with their own goals within their government and how that affects the overall conflict between the governments. So hard to describe it without getting into spoiler territory.

LiquidAurum says:

This channel is pretty cool, subscribed

Floar says:

The TV series is so great I cannot justify reading the books. Only in case it gets cancelled a second time before finishing. Syfy has so itchy trigger finger on good series…

Fredrik Granström says:

sounds real interesting.

Sue Krum says:

I'd like to see you do a series of videos where you go through the books and TV show side by side and talk about the major plot points and similarities and differences.

MrTofy1974 says:

My journey into the Expanse begins…..this sounds like Yoon Han Lee's Machineries of Empires

Rick Franzén says:

I love the conversation, and not a cutcutcutcutcutcut sceane like some other book guys do! Keep it up Mike

Amanda Pelland says:

Thank you Mike. With your video and some research into the books, I bought the whole series. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Calimero Hœnir says:

What if Game of Thrones and The Martian had a baby

LordOfNihil says:

you cannot ruin the show by reading ahead. its just that good. having read all 8 of the books that are currently out could not kill the hype i had for season 4.

Mark says:

Great vid Mike! It’s difficult not to gush like a delirious fan boy when it comes to The Expanse ( me, guilty, yup )

It’s personal, visceral, important: extraordinary story telling is what it is, the pages turn themselves

I just finished book seven, Persepolis Rising, and just, wow… ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

TurtLe Comic Reviews says:

What i love about TV/Movies is that it can introduce you to books you may never had heard of before.

Mike Dignum says:

I love the tv series, so now I'm going through the audiobooks. Lots of background info and some changes in the characters from the tv series. I find that i can close my eyes while listening to the audio and match at least 90% to the visuals of the tv version.

Kendall Ward says:

Up to Nemisis Game as I just finished season 4 and need to know what happens next. I know once I finish I'll go back and read Leviathan Wakes.

Louis Mamakos says:

I don't think reading the book really spoils the TV show. In many ways, it helps you gain appreciation for TV adaptation as you'll take note of things that foreshadow future events. And the TV show vs. books have broadly similar major plot points, but there's some differences that are appropriate for the medium. I think of it as being similar to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where the books and the radio show recordings are not exactly the same. (And we won't speak of the movie version..)

If you can't help yourself, don't fight it and read ahead. It just get better and better. If nothing else, you should read some of the novellas that help with some character development. "The Churn" really provides a lot of insight on Amos and why he is like he is. I think he's actually one of the most interesting characters in the book, and so deep and layered as you noted. He's not (just?) some random sociopath behaving some some undirected way. The casting for Amos in the TV show is just spot-on! Wes just nailed that character!

Maiko Kirana says:

I have read all the books in the series and watched all episodes of season 1-4 on tv. All I can say is you won't be disappointed for both. The series are not that much different from the books (which grossly under rated in my opinion). I really hope that they will keep being faithful to the source materials and keep it that way. It won't end up like GOT since the last book will come out in 2020 (I hope!), and there are still several books in between season 4 (Cibola Burn) and the last book. Hopefully season 5 would be taken from Nemesis Game (book 5), which I think one of the most characters driven book in the series, albeit the Belters and Inners (Earther and Martians) alike. Not only are things still going strong at book 5, they also just keep getting better and better.

ChyroBeast says:

Solomon Epstein didn't kill himself!!

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