Why You Should Read Diversely | Discussion

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My previous discussion on Race, Gender, & Reading Habits: http://youtu.be/edaMgbSl-QQ

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Alia says:

Why spend one's entire life reading the best five percent of white male (straight cis) authors when thanks to globalism it's possible to read the best one percent of all authors.

Samuel Gonzalez says:

i agree with you 100!! and as a person of color, i'm extremely bored with the white lens that the majority of books are written from. it's also the tired tropes around how women are portrayed, people of color, queer people, and even disabled people. and while people may not feel it is necessary or their responsibility to explore other options, it is an imperative for me to do so. if white authors can't take the time to learn how to write characters of color, then they don't deserve to get my dollars or any other support.  it's rare that i read anything written by white authors. thanks so much for you voice on this topic. 🙂

rincey reads says:

If you watch one of my other videos, called Race, Gender & Reading Habits [posted in September], I put in some articles & statistics talking about the lack of diversity in various aspects of publishing. I understand if you don't take part, but I thought those might be of interest to you.

rincey reads says:

Thank you 🙂

TheQUBANQT says:

2 of 2 IF this discussion was based on actual scientific studies I may make an effort going forward to pick up more books based on the author’s race. Although I'll not being joining your cause I will subscribe to your channel. Intellectual conversations are always welcomed within my day.

Antwanette0386 says:

Well said! Keep God first – John 3:16. God's love and blessings to ya!

Hannah Ehrlich says:

Great video, Rincey! Thanks so much for talking about this – ultimately what's going to change things for the better is more readers like you who make an effort to read diversely.

One place to look for more diverse books is small publishers. I'm writing from LEE & LOW BOOKS, a children's publisher specializing in diversity. Cinco Puntos Press and Arte Público are two other great ones that publish adult books as well. Books by small pubs don't always end up in B&N but they're worth seeking out.

rincey reads says:

Oh thank you for that article recommendation, I'll definitely look it up.

rincey reads says:

Yeah unfortunately everything in the publishing world takes a while to change, but it is still worth it to push for the change so that it will happen, even if it takes time.

rincey reads says:

Aw thank you 🙂

rincey reads says:


rincey reads says:

While I understand your statement, I disagree, but obviously it is your choice.

rincey reads says:

Yeah that is what a lot of people seem to be saying, but since I tend to read more literary/contemporary fiction, I don't experience it as much.

teacupwish says:

I am trying to internalize this message–in particular–about gender. I have very few books written by men from men's perspectives. I have it on my to-do list to read a book by Ken Follett one day, since I am almost sure that if it had a woman's name on it, I would pick it up. There's a good article by crime/mystery author Tess Gerritsen: Tess Gerritsen Speaks Up With 'The Silent Girl'. She discusses how she hid her ethnicity behind her married Dutch surname due to the publishing industry.

Nicole's Adventures in SFF says:

I agree with you that it sometimes takes a little bit of work to find authors of different races at the bookstore. Have you ever checked out the #diversityinsff hashtag on twitter? The science fiction/fantasy community has been attempting to deal with this topic for a while now, but of course, acknowledging the problem is only the first step, and things are slow to change.

1book1review says:

I think it would be interesting if you compared it to other stores and if they promote a more diverse selection of books, or if that is just an illusion.

JerryTheMouse says:

I feel like there is a "distinction" between books by minorities and more specifically people of color than books by the majority of our society. Like you said, I think we as readers and the advocates for our books need to do a better job getting the word out. A single person alone cannot do it all. Thank you for saying these words that needed to be said. You're awesome!

JerryTheMouse says:

I feel the same way. When ever I try to explain this people give me the same response. For me, it personally hurts my feelings especially in the YA genre. Even on the covers of books there are not a lot of people of color but they come out with all of these great books. I love reading and I think it would be more fun displaying people of color on book covers as well as making them characters in books so that it is just not a one-race society. As an author, you have a gift and power to enforce it

thebookishdryad says:

For me personally, I would love to read more books that are about minorities. But I am personally drawn towards fantasy and science fictions, and with that comes an extreme lack of diversity. But to make up for that I look for books that have "strong" female characters.

Elizziebooks says:

YES. I got a lot of comments about "I don't look at race or gender when reading!" so this video is VERY NEEDED. Also, I need some PoC book recs so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your videos.

Evelyn Marie says:

Don't believe the hype, Malik. There are many, many AA book lovers who are interested in reading books from all genres of literature.

rincey reads says:

Aw thank you! 😀

rincey reads says:

Exactly. It is sad that is the case though

rincey reads says:

Yes I definitely agree with that. But I figure one step at a time, haha. Also thank you for sharing that blog with me, I have already glanced over it a bit and love it!

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