Why I Wrote My Book – Author Interview with Ishmael Beah on his book A Long Way Gone

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Former Sierra Leonean child soldier Ishmael Beah discusses why he wrote his memoir, A Long Way Gone.



Alivia Walker says:

some one should make a movie about i this book it’s soooo good

Holly M says:

Does anyone know the name i=of the person interviewing him?

Peacekeeper141 says:

I like the book.

Amin Ghanbari says:

hey my english is not so good to read ur book but I hope it will makes gooder our teacher read all of ur story for us but unfortunately I wasn't understand!.?

Strawbetty Boop says:

Visions in Education anyone?

Christian Robinson says:

Loved the book

Dalia Nasr says:

A truly amazing book. Loved it. <3

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