What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter

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Shipra Trika says:

Isn’t healing trauma a big part of changing the subconscious mind?

Mark C says:

Great videos….thank you!

Naran Pothaworn says:

Thank you so much.. this audio changes my perspective 🙂

Jess_Lloyd says:

Holy crap Im so glad I came across your videos. They are so well done.

K.A. Sharmella says:

Am i really, talking to myself?? Or someone is peeping me.

Ella Santine says:

Your voice is good to hear, it seems that you speak directly to me, I always return to hear what you have to say to me, you have changed my way of thinking, speaking and listening, thank you very much

Sandy Thompson says:

Your voice is engaging and easy to listen to 🙏🏼

Plush subs says:

You need to dedicate time to reprogram your subconscious mind so that we don't allow others to program it for us and when we program it the actions that we want to take naturally flow from us. Believe for it to be possible. What you say to yourself. How they see reality, deeper hidden words and sequences that reveal their reality, words come from the subconscious, what is your communication with yourself. Paint a vision of what you want. Start with your understanding of the subconscious mind. Never revert back to your subconscious self image. Trace your subconscious programming. Program your brain and the way you see yourself. Things that you say, words you use, how you communicate with others, be very selective with the words that you use. They will be your reality. Kids, They believe they can achieve things. Through repetition they adopt their programming, the programming of others. Their dream was being shut down. Surround yourself with information that inspires you. Make a commitment to surround yourself with that ONLY certain information. Don't accept the status quo. You are the info that you consume. You are persuaded, all the time. Is the info empowering you? How is it empowering you? What are the music you listen to, books that you read, videos you watch, the people you deal with they alter the way you see reality. If they're not in alignment then you're creating conflicting programming. Reconstruct the old programming. What is your vision? Your chosen goal? Old programming control the habits, go back to your subconscious and be aware of where these patterns show up, reconstruct old habits, to make actions flow out of you? Do you want a life where actions flow from you? Someone very confident would make you feel insecure, and people at a high level of belief, would not place themselves around info that take them off course. There is a lot of low self-esteem in you, from negative programming but you have a choice. You don't have excuse. Confident people will never change their mind about anything. When you're reprogramming your subconscious a lot of things (negative thinking) will surface. It's a survival mechanism. Your reality wants to stay the same. Be aware of the negativity. Some of your programming is obvious. Yet most is subtle. Everything around us persuades. Everything/everyone is persuading you. The control is in your hands. Subconscious is brining you there. Work on that. You have received the wrong kind of programming. They get success because they have been programmed. All external solutions are temporary. Knowledge of the psychological processes, 3rd missing ingredient: word for word programming. Have the belief possible. Motivate yourself internally because external motivation is temporary. Be able to work with both but you must be internally motivated. be your own motivator. The only kind that last is internal motivation. Rely yourself to energize your spirit, never need someone else to push you. 5 steps that control success 1) behaviour: what we do or don't do. 2) feelings: address your feelings, how do you feel? 3) attitude: your feelings are controlled by your attitudes and they are the perspectives of how you view life.

Ittaiah Teague says:

Epiphany: Our subconscious = Creator and Our Emotions are like an radio dial…..finding a frequency to tune into. Once the station is found…our subconscious creates…

The Fountain of Living Water Tarot says:

Thank u Joseph for sharing this important information… Much love


Question. Is it possible to change many programs in the same time trougth affirmations? Or its better to do one program at the time. Thanks


You are just amazing in your explications your way of presenting everything its clear easy to understand and super useful. I also watched The power of the subconscious mind Notes again just Amazing. Thank you so much.🙏🙏🙏

Frank Perez says:

My problem is that i reach the succes but cant keep it

Hema Virani says:

55.20 self talk checklist

lauren donahue says:

The "how" starts at 34:00

Koneko Yagami says:

You are so helpful Joseph, thank you. ♥️

Tshepo Shibane says:

Joseph u made an impact in my life .

Adrian Hope says:

You my freind are epic my understanding of Self has risen to untold hights . The best utube chanel period .god bless

Sara Pettigrew says:

Hi thanks great video I'm learning nlp

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