Vaani's Favourite Book to Movie Adaptations | Reccos from the hills | Ep 4

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Here is episode 4 of our new series Reccos from the hills. Do tell us in comments if you liked it 🙂

Read a book with us this month.
Our pick for September is ‘Open by Andre Agassi’.
You can buy the book here :

Recommendations :
Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters

Featuring : Vaani Mahesh

Shot by : Vinayak Tripathi

Edited by :
Hrishikesh Paspal
Vinayak Tripathi

Graphics :
Samraj Agarwal
Vinayak Tripathi

Intro Animation by : Vinayak Tripathi

Vaani’s Favourite Books :
Dear Zari by Zarghuna Kargar
H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald
A Chess Story by Stefan Zweig
Figuring by Maria Popova

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Chalchitra Talks says:

Vaani makes a mistake while addressing the movie “The Help” in the video. It isn’t set in Africa but in Mississippi, USA in the 1960s. It explores the story of African American women who were exploited as domestic help by the rich.

Ronit Patel says:

Wow the vid looks sooo good

Sudeshna Mitra says:

Hunger Games
Harry Potter Series
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Bhavya Parekh says:

Well I would strongly recommend "Divergent" its probably only movie that's better than the book. Although book was outstanding.

Tobias D says:

Am sorry, I cracked up a bit at KEYAA Knightley….

kushagradhi das says:

Last few months people have lost many of thier loved onces can you suggest some book for them

Λρυлν says:

1. FLIPPED (BOOK)- IS 🖤🌚…really a 'one-of-its-kind'.

2. The Help – watched the movie, it's neat, it gives optimism for our human race 🙂

3.PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Ah! I LOVE the way the story progresses in 2005 movie, worth a watch)

4.STUART – I think the book did more justice in many ways…though definitely gonna watch the movie 🙂
Bcz they say, Mr. Hardy was a delight to watch and to know the other side of the criminal mind…

Personally, I'd recommend these –

1. THE ROOM( book & movie)
2. GONE GIRL (book as well as movie)
3. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME( both BOOK and movie)
4. HARRY POTTER (obviously both books and movie)


Thanks 🙂


Can you guys please invite Mr abhijit chavda sir for book recommendations podcast 🔥 he is the astrophysicist, historian and geo politics expert

krantikunti says:

I miss you Vaani, I can listen to you everyday 🌻🦋

Amit Kumar says:

Lord of the Rings.

Law Concepts says:

The more this series comes on, more I'm falling in love with editing of Vinayak ✨✨ Hats off 🌻🌻

Krishna Tripathi says:

+To Kill a mockingbird

Jils Skariah says:

Vaani! I'm such a HUGE fan of yours. And that's why I'm so disappointed how you got the setting of The Help wrong. It's set in 1960s Mississippi during the civil right era (there's a reference to gunning down of Medgar Evers who was a civil rights activist as well as the MLK speech). It follow story of African American women who were exploited as domestically servants for rich white women. Skeeter is not from Africa, but North America, more specifically Mississippi. But other than that all great recommendations.

sakshi hallan says:

Hi Guys, sorry this is a suggestion to issue a correction. The Help is not based in Africa. It's based in Jackson, Mississippi, USA in 1960s in the time of segregation.

Pritam Bag says:

My picks:
Pather Panchali book by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay and film by Satyajit Ray

Schindler's Ark novel by Thomas Keneally and film Schindler's List by Steven Spielberg.

Titas Ekti Nadir Nam book by Adwaita Mallabarman and film by Ritwik Ghatak

Dharmender Kumar Sewal says:

Adaptation by Charlie Kaufman is one of the finest adaptation ever. Lord of the Rings is a masterclass in adapting a book. Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave is also great to fit in this category.
Also pretty much every Martin Scorsese films is based on a book so we can include that too.

Aman Kashyap says:

If we consider books as novels
Who would not think about The Godfather

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