User Review: Hama Midi Beads – Inspiration Book 11 – 64 Pages

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Close – Hama Midi Beads – Inspiration Book 11 – 64 Pages

Hama Midi Beads – Inspiration Book 11 – 64 Pages

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My kids love to play with HAMA beads and although it is fun to just do a free design, it is also nice to get new ideas and do something more intricate.
Having looked at some of the other Hama Mini Beads Inspiration books which were not very inspiring a chance was taken with this one. What a good choice as there are some really lovely ideas inside, both for girls and boys.
Product as expected
Gave it as a gift and was much appreciated. Has good inspirational ideas, which were interesting and fun to create!
My kids have played with hama beads for years and wanted some new ideas. this book gave them great new suggestions
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Hama Midi Beads – Inspiration Book 11 – 64 Pages

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