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Kyra Navarro says:

I am also a Jessa supporter ❤️❤️❤️

Bullrun27 says:

I don’t think so but it’s your own opinion and we need a lot of disytopion novels so we don’t let that happen

Aarushi Sunil says:

yayy, someone likes the maze runner, too! after i finished reading it, i searched up book reviews and so many said that they didn't like it

The Ravenclaw Reader says:

I pretty much liked The Maze Runner movie adaptation mostly because of the way ** died? I mean don't get me wrong I HATE that he had to die, but I feel like the movie way was better, because Thomas didn't have to feel the guilt of, you know…

The Ravenclaw Reader says:


The Ravenclaw Reader says:

I wanted Tessa to end up with Jem too. I was extremely annoyed that they had to wait so long for that

The Ravenclaw Reader says:


Sayani Biswas says:

U r beautiful sasha…

Elly Green says:

Popular character that everyone(looking at you Jesse) likes but you don’t: CHOAL!!!!!!!!!!

StarDreamer says:

Your hair and eyes have the same colour as mine! (Ok I know my english is terrible)

Kaylin Paige says:

I ship Jessa too, but Wessa had to happen or else we would not of had the wonderful Jace Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale

ミスKoshō says:

I was so happy when you said Maze Runner! It's my favorite book and it makes me sad when I see so many people not liking it! I also like the movie better for one reason. Thomas Sangster. No further explanation needed.

CWK Studios says:


Erica's Bookish World says:

I love The Maze Runner series! 😍

Audrey Raj says:

I can’t get ontoRomance of any sort, I can’t. Whether it’s forbidden love, paranormal romance, rom-coms, contemporary romance any of them, I hate, especially if the entire plot is based around two characters falling in love.

MargotGabriella says:


Daniela Garasi says:

Preach I very much dislike eadlyn

nana bae dude says:

Skipped Clockwork Princess like it was hop scotch

Mahdis says:

I hated paper towns

L&G says:

I don't really like Eadlyn too! The reason I read the heir and the crown because I wanted to know how America and Maxon are doing.

FinchandViolet says:

I did not like paper towns at all. I liked the maze runner.

hamsii says:

Tessa doesn't deserve James

trashiness says:

when I heard that the book everyone didn't like was maze runner I actually gasped and looked to see if I'd heard it right. Me and everyone I know of who reads, LOVES that book series

Annabelle _ says:

I absolutely didn't think that I would like Harry Potter but I'm loving it so much!!! Im on The order of Phoenix!!!

Tori-Gaye Atterbury says:

Again, super late with this comment lol but I totally wanted Tessa and Jem to be together 🙄🙄 I still haven’t finished Clockwork Prince just because somehow I found out that she was with Will. I’m still salty lol I can’t seem to find the Will to read the rest 😂 Reading Maze Runner was like pulling teeth. I still haven’t finished the entire series.

Darian Neustaeter says:

Omg, I ship Jessa SO MUCH!

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