Unfu*ck Yourself | The Book that will change your life Forever | Book Summary | Videobook

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00:00 – Feeling Low In Life?
01:15 – Unfu*k Yourself
01:41 – Starve Your Donkey
05:00 – In The Beginning
07:16 – Beliefs And Habits
09:59 – 20 Second Rule
14:00 – Keeping The Balance
16:55 – End

Unf*ck Yourself is a book that provides a simple outline of how we can achieve success in our lives. Gary John Bishop emphasizes the importance of taking action rather than spending time altering our thoughts or emotions. Instead, Bishop recommends acknowledging your thoughts and emotions, but not consider them when taking action. Unf*ck Yourself also places the importance of your success on your approach. There is a tendency for people to blame external circumstances and to accept self-doubt and inaction. But Bishop encourages readers to stop making excuses and start doing.

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