Tyranny of Dragons Minis Full Review – D&D Icons of the Realms

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Showcase and review of a full case of WizKids’ Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons prepainted minis. Click “Show More” for timestamps and corrections.
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The “mane” demon should be “manes” which is the appropriate term for singular and plural. The mini is labeled incorrectly on the base as “Mane Demon.”

0:05 Introduction
0:13 Lineup of all minis in the set
0:33 Turntable view of box packaging
0:52 Rock Gnome Female Wizard (# 1)
1:25 Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard (# 2)
2:01 Quickling (# 3)
2:40 Svirfneblin Fighter (# 4)
3:16 Kobold Fighter(# 5)
3:53 Goblin Fighter (# 6)
4:19 Mane Demon (# 7)
4:53 Human Paladin (# 8)
5:20 Sun Elf Guard (# 9)
5:49 Orc Fighter (# 10)
6:21 Human Zhentarim Bandit (# 11)
6:54 Hobgoblin Fighter (# 12)
7:23 Human Female Barbarian (# 13)
7:48 Orog Orc Fighter (# 14)
8:32 Doppleganger (# 15)
8:59 Wood Elf Druid (# 16)
9:25 Green Hag (# 17)
10:00 Needle Blight (# 18)
10:34 Human Red Wizard (# 19)
11:14 Human Cult of the Dragon Enforcer (# 20)
12:02 Bugbear (# 21)
12:44 Guard Drake (# 22)
13:24 Wraith (# 23)
14:05 Bronze Dragon (# 24)
14:58 Ogre Mage (# 25)
15:38 Stone Giant Elder (# 26)
16:23 Frost Giant (# 27)
17:17 Pegasus (# 28)
18:03 Wyvern (# 29)
18:45 Black Shadow Dragon (# 30)
19:22 Green Dragon (# 31)
19:59 Copper Dragon (# 32)
20:39 Half Black Dragon Lord (# 33)
21:22 Ballista (# 34)
21:53 Mind Flayer (# 35)
22:48 Half Red Dragon Fighter (# 36)
23:23 Aarakocra (# 37)
24:02 Movanic Deva Angel (# 38)
24:38 Harpy (# 39)
25:21 Gargoyle (# 40)
26:09 Blue Dragon (# 41)
26:57 Silver Dragon (# 42)
27:40 Gold Dragon (# 43)
28:30 Red Dragon (# 44)
29:13 VIDEO: Half the set on a Dwarven Forge battle map for scale and AUDIO: Thoughts on quality
29:33 AUDIO: Dragon sizes
29:46 Duplicate minis between this set and those in the Attack Wing line
29:58 VIDEO: Other half of set on Dwarven Forge
30:15 Invisible figures in this set
30:36 VIDEO: The stone giant and frost giant minis from this set compared with those from later Icons of the Realms sets
30:51 Availability of this set of minis and the release of Tyranny of Dragons adventure in an anniversary edition book
31:22 VIDEO: Rarity distribution in this set and AUDIO: Complaints about plastic pegs for flying figures
31:57 Summary and final thoughts
32:28 Additional information from our sponsor about Humblewood, the upcoming D&D 5e campaign setting featuring birdfolk and other woodland animals as playable races with a campaign setting PDF available now and the physical product releasing Nov. 2019
34:00 “Unboxing” showing what we got in each booster box in the case
36:31 Listing of all miniatures in this set and associated with this set

Review of the Ancient Brass Dragon (# 45) Premium Figure for this set: https://youtu.be/R3FTnVtUI0o

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Larry Delosier says:

Why do they keep making female characters? I ihave twice as many female minutes than I do male characters? I don’t have any female players in my group! A few would be fine but holy hell …it’s every other miniature I pull , ?

Dantohr says:

I have the Green and Gold dragon in one Box. Dont know if that is something special. I just Start collect the minis. I love it but dont play it 😀

Dillon Shrader says:

So if all the ToD Dragon minis are large scale and count as young dragons. What scale dragon mini do I need to buy for adult dragons to scale with 5e rules

Joey Cahill says:

pls answer, if u get the brick for this campaign does it come with every mini needed and no repeats, if it matter i was looking at the 110 one on amazon

Oculus says:

Where were you able to get this case 5 years later? Did you already have one and then started the channel or did you pay an exorbitant amount of money to get one?

skyhigh says:

is the Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing: Tyranny of Dragons Booster the some ?

josephskiles says:

BTW I saw Walmart still has bricks of this set in stock, I'll probably have to get a couple myself 👍

josephskiles says:

For the red wizard of Thay they really should have gave us Edwin Odessoron from the Baldurs Gate series ! he would have been epic! Also and I shouldn't have to say this because the game is like 20 years old now but * SPOILER*

The variant could have been Edwina from when he got turned into a woman 😂 , that would have been awesome!

josephskiles says:

Theo also didn't mention that among the red wizards are one of the greatest wizards to ever bless the realms Edwin ( possibly Edwina lol) Odessoran !


very nice review thanks!

dragon ball talk says:

Is there a way to link your short vids into one long mini compilation video. I like long ones best as one fan

Goya Solidar says:

Jesus, people actual pay for this paint job quality?

Nerdic Warrior says:

Are these blind boxes or so you get every figure that's pictured on the box? I'm particularly interested in the Half Red Dragon Fighter.

Aubrimus says:

0/10 not enough dragons

Aleksandr Strizhevskiy says:

Hi you did a great job discussing the products. My complaint though is I saw the title and thought this was a review of the module. I wish you had put Icon of the Realms first.

Steve Von Doom says:

i believe an eberron series is in the works for 2020…

dragon ball talk says:

Another good long vid the kind I like.adding to my dnd playlist on my channel

V S says:

Looking forward to the review of the wizkids dungeon set, the new cave defenders pack. Need Orges! New dragons coming as well. 2020 is looking good. Would be amazing if they remade/updated Tyranny of Dragons set with the new machines.

The Creative Kobold says:

Yeah, I got many of the Attack Wing versions based on this set rather cheap, including most of the dragons. The Sun Elf Guard, Hobgoblin Fighter, and Aarakocra all came in sets of six, which was pretty nice. 🙂 Repainted all but one of the Aarakocra minis with the help a friend for some needed variation. 😉

Gamarishi says:

They really improved over the years, nice to see the diferences.
That shadow dragon mini is freaking awesome

Commander BB Shockwave says:

Oh yeah, and the weird case of the Huge Giants on Large bases! Oddly enough the Stone Giant Elder can still work with Huge minis, and is the same size as the Storm King's Thunder female Stone Giant, just hunched over. But the poor male Frost Giant is dwarfed by the SKT/MM3 Frost Giants. I still keep him but he looks odd, too beardy to be used as a kid giant… maybe he never got his growth spurt. 😀

Commander BB Shockwave says:

Wow, back to the beginnings! I assume you managed to get a full case thanks to the set being reprinted?
I still remember when I bought this. My first time buying a case, or rather, half of it – I bought it with a friend and colleague and split it 50-50. 🙂 I was blown away by the quality, even though I had some Pathfinder minis already at the time. I was just so happy that we finally had D&D minis after like, 6-7 years of an intermission? Or at least it felt as much. The Uncommon Dragons were a great surprise, and loved them. But I was mostly thankful for getting so many Metallics – the Gargantuan Brass was beautiful, they are one of my favourite metallics after Coppers, and the many shades of brass were done amazingly on that mini. Before Wizkids, I believe we only ever had 2 Brass Dragons, and one was a Wyrmling.
Oh and the Green was a great relief, seeing them back to classic fin-back design after the pinocchio-nosed 4E ones.
The only minis in this I am not that happy with are the Green Hag (too thick paint, cannot see much of the face), and the Wyvern (I am OK with the cobra hood but it is too small). Oh and I was so happy we finally got a Doppelganger, a creature that eluded us with a mini for decades (even though, yeah, you can represent that with any mini, I still prefer them as grey featureless humanoids, thanks to fighting so many of them in Baldur's Gate games).
The Red Wizard was the first time I saw proper tampographs used, and since then Wizkids perfected the method, as seen on the Amnizu for example. 🙂
Oh and was so happy about finally seeing Half-Dragons. Fun fact, the Black Half-Dragon Lord is actually one of the leaders of the Cult of the Dragon, Rezmir the Black, from the Tyranny of Dragons/Rise of Tiamat adventure, and is actually a lady. 😉 She has a Gale Force Nine unpainted mini too.

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