Top Book Series I Won't Finish

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Aka: I don’t have enough time to finish book series I only felt meh about or did not like.
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Iasmina Edina says:

Check out my playlist on book recommendations:

Nathan Towns says:

Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead are the only good books in the Ender's series.

Patrick Crawford says:

Rick Riordan definitely is writing for the YA audience now, but his earliest books were the Tres Navarre mystery series , certainly for the mature reader. they are very true to the south central Texas area depicted in the books.

Antonia Delgado says:

My secret dislike, his dark materials, it just never excited me whatsoever. I know so many love this but for me it was terrible.

Zed Word says:

Joe Abercrombie is my Favourite author but if your not into his writing style, you probably wont like his other books because he maintains it throughout. As for which series I wont be finishing, I dont like game of thrones for the same reason I love Joe Abercrombie, which is that I read books to get in the characters heads, and I never got that feeling from game of thrones. I dont like the characters and the drama

Vivek Krishnan.R says:

I actually thought the mortal instruments series to be pretty good…I mean…not Harry Potter good…but pretty OK.Rick Riordan books are excellent in my opinion (for teens).

Albuck says:

Percy Jackson could definitely be age related. I started really young, read every single book. Started the second series, Heroes of olympus until the forth book when I was 16. I only got my hands on the fifth and last book when I was 19, and just couldn't finish, because I just wasn't enjoying it as much, It had nothing to do with the story or writing, but I just couldn't finish.

saeed Alipour says:

i read firs tlaw's the blade itself as my third fantasy series after reading kingkiller and mistborn and i actually hated it until the last 100 pages that i found a little interesting.and then i read the second book and i gradually came to love it.and right now i'm reading the sixth book in the series red come to grow with characters that sometime when u hear their name in the side books u shiver from excitement.and the writing style is dammmn good.i didn't appreciate it in first book.

Joe Rader says:

Mortal instruments is meh, you're not missing much.
Ender's game series has some serious middle book syndrome with Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide but Children of the Mind is fantastic.
Twilight book 3 and 4 are the best books in that series.
I couldn't finish The Sword of Truth either, got to book 5 and it was likely the worst book I've actually finished, maybe the worst I've ever read.

William Bartlett says:

I loved this video! I felt the same about maze runner, even though I forced myself to finish. Just like GOT novels (so long in irrelevant parts).

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