TOP 5 Horror Books • Most Extreme • Intense Splatter Book Recommendations

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I have the wrong SK book in hand. Survivor Type is in Skeleton Crew. Sorry for that mix up ~ Thank you to John at Books of Blood for catching that!

These are my top 5 so very open to interpretation. It goes without saying, I thought, that these are also all very well written books.

There are rough books to read that lose the craft along the way just like there are extreme horror films that have low production value or lose the plot. These are books that deal with extremities and disturbing situations are not recommended for all readers even though they are expertly written and tell gut-wrenching stories.

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The Black Train by Edward Lee ▹

In this video, we talk about Stephen King, Edward Lee, Wrath James White, Jack Ketchum, Ryan Harding, Garth Ennis, and smile as we mention Richard Laymon.

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TOP 5 Horror Books • Most Extreme • Intense Splatter Book Recommendations!

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If there are horror books out there that you think I ought to read, let me know. I talk scary books, extreme horror, classic, gothic, and everything in between. Helping you find the next best horror books to read is the goal, and sharing new and old horror from my shelves and new releases is how! Horror, nonfiction and even true-crime can be found here as I find that human beings the scariest thing of all ~


Typical Books • Horror Fiction says:

I have the wrong SK book in hand. Survivor Type is in Skeleton Crew. Sorry for that mix up ~ Thank you to John at Books of Blood for catching that!

Asset Collector says:

I was the publisher of the limited and deluxe editions of HAUNTER OF THE THRESHOLD among many other Edward Lee titles. Also published Wrath James White, Jack Ketchum among many others in the extreme horror genre. Great list!

Kathi Murray says:

I am very thrilled to have found your channel!! I am a huge horror fan and love books! I am always on the look out for a great recommendation for something to read (or in my case listen to). I used to work at a local library and I miss that job so much!!! I have no one to discuss books with any more…☹

Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time says:

What is it that Stephen King wrote that was close to splatterpunk? I love his stuff but I don't remember anything that scary.

No Name says:

Grandpa horror 😂

graciesmom62 says:

Just downloaded “Offspring” on your recommendation. Thanks

Book Blather says:

Great list. Have read a lot of Crossed…. very intense… have to keep those ones locked away 😜

Kasandra says:

Okay getting at least 2 books from this list such a good recommendation ♡

I just did Recommendation January Tbr !
Im guessing yours are popping up on my Feb TBR ♡

On the Rd says:

Great recommendations! SK really does have a way of writing stories that stick with you and creep into your mind long after you've read it! -aWHOLEcheesepizza

Alex’s Library says:

I really loved this list!

Kara Marie says:

Oooooo! Just found your channel and love it! Subscribed!💕

Paul A says:

Fantastic reviews and suggestions. I hadn't thought about the cruelty element of extreme horror.

It's funny what stories hang with you and creep you out. Lovecraft's In the Vault sent shivers up my spine. It's nowhere near extreme horror but…


Snow Cone72 says:

J f gonzalez,edward lee,Christine morgan,bryan smith,sam miller are a few of mine and Matt shaw.

DarkBetweenPages says:

Yes! Oh this is a great video. I enjoy these recommendations for SURE!
You can find those real true extreme gems in any sub genre within horror.
I want … no NEED to read Ketchum’s work. I keep having people recommend his work since I am into true crime or realistic type horror.
Thank you for sharing!

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