Top 10 Fantasy Characters

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My top then characters from the fantasy genre of all time!

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Code Stusdy says:

Why did you say ger-alt instead of Geralt

GermanLetsDrizzle says:

I think Tyrion Lannister would be in my Top 3👀

bobitussin says:

Thank you for placing Drizzt so high up. I can't get any of my friends to read Dark Elf Trilogy. They all think it's kids stuff if it's not GOT or even WOT. Nice to know I'm not the only one

Sean Rhead says:

I still have so much more to read, but here is my list as of right now:

10. Uduak (The Burning series)
9. Faile (The Wheel of Time)
8. Baz (Simon Snow trilogy)
7. Matrim Cauthon (Wheel of Time)
6. Moraine (Wheel of Time)
5. Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
4. Loial (Wheel of Time)
3. Jean Tannen (Gentleman Bastards)
2. Harry (Harry Potter)
1. Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards)

Fiery Kitten says:

Read a book. Namely the Belgariad

Dhruv Bharija says:

Jon snow

In no order 🙂

chowelly says:

Glokta, Jaime.

Mark says:

“Hasn’t been done before or executed as well”
I love how he continues to pretend that asoiaf and Jaime Lannister don’t exist

Some kid With a phone says:

Vin deserves at least number two come on now

Aidan West says:

Andrew Wiggins from Ender's Game would be in my top 10. I think he shared many of the same character traits that made Rand so appealing. Strong and wise, yet human and vulnerable.

Jonathan Reed says:

Sheesh, no Bilbo OR Frodo?

Greensmurf says:

I would consider Elric in this list. A character that is naturally evil down to the genetic level, but learns enough about the outside world that he tries to be empathetic and good.

Airehcaz says:

You mean your list is not exactly the same as my list??? Grahhhhh then the world needs to burn!

Sardonic Tendencies says:

Sand Dan’Glokta, x10 more vile and ruthless than Locke Lamora, has no real friends and is weaker than a child.

But damn it you wind up rooting for him anyway!

ThatGuyNorm says:

2 of my favorite characters is from Riftwar Saga. Artura and Jimmy The Hand.

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