Top 10 Earning 💵 KDP Niches 2022

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Knowing the top 10 earning KDP LOW Content book niches for 2022 is a very useful starting point for doing further research and finding books with less competition but that are still selling well on Amazon. It is also a lot of fun looking at the royalties the top selling books are earning on Amazon. It provides a lot of inspiration for what is possible with the application of consistent hard work to create an online passive income business.

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00:00 Introduction – Top 10 Earning KDP Niches
00:51 Book Bolt Research
02:30 Handwriting KDP Niche
03:44 Sight Words Books
04:11 Joke Books for Kids
04:46 Math Workbook Niche
05:24 Timed Tests KDP Books
06:07 Question a Day Journals
06:47 Word Search Books
07:32 Scissor Skills Books
08:23 Patterned Coloring Books
09:10 Toddlers Coloring Books

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About this video – In this video I look at the top 10 revenue producing KDP Low Content books on Amazon for fun and for important market intelligence.