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Oh what an amazing & mushy gushy movie!!!

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–Always & Forever Lara Jean review:



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Lindsey K says:

Mark Ruffalo!!! THANK YOU!! I knew his voice sounded familiar/similar to someone.. they are seriously voice twins!!!!

BrightCradle says:

Regarding asian rep, around the same time as Crazy Rich Asians, a film called Searching came out and it's so good and also has a Korean family at its center. No one unfortunately talks about it as much though

Adrija Dutta says:

Umm…. Is this book and the book with the older cover exactly same please say😍

Sunday Nabongo says:

I loved the set especially of Jenny Han's room. Lighting and the art& design was dope

Amanda Sangbusch says:

Oh gosh, he does look like Ruffalo indeed, voice and facial expressions… i can’t unsee now 😅

123Chinadoll says:

I loved the movie. I liked the book, and felt nextflix did an excellent job with the movie. I laughed, I was upset like hadn't read the book. It is adorable. I watched it 2x in 2days with my kid.

Flo Whitney says:

I have always wanted to read the series just never got the chance to buy it because I have so many books I still have to read. But since I watched the movie omggg I literally ordered it on Amazon 😍 loved the movie cant wait to read the 2nd and 3rd book.

Meredith m says:

I really enjoyed the movie as well, however, I thought it did not show how much she loved Josh too, and how hard it was for her to pick between them, like in the book! I hope they make the sequel!

Jeanette says:

Agree…books and the movie are SO GOOD. I need to watch the movie again 🙂

Carlie Goddard says:

Saw it last night. It was so so cute!

With Farida says:

My favorite part was the cinematography hands down, favorite scene when Peter discovers he is not the only one who received a letter. However, I was a bit disappointed when they changed the reason why Kitty sent the letters and how they didn't give me enough Song girls moments and all the little details that made the relationship cute esp. the "I like you in blue" note but I guess a movie can't fit in everything maybe a mini series would have included more details but if someone watched the movie and didn’t read the books I highly recommend you do so ( it might be another chick-lit but it is so worth reading)

Jess Danowski says:

I haven't read the books yet, but with all the hype for the movie I broke down and watched it. I LOVED IT! I went out to Scribd and got the first book and I started reading it last night. I can't wait to read the others. Also, if you love Peter you should watch him in The Fosters on Freeform. It's a great show, but he comes in about 1/2 way through the show because he replaced another actor. All the seasons are on Netflix.

Courtney Blok says:

I really loved the movie & the book & don’t have many complaints about how it was adapted. I was so nervous it would completely botch it!

Emily Loves London says:

I can't wait to watch it!

Abi S says:

I loved everything about it! One of my favourite films from this year. Think I’ve watched it 10 times already just can’t get enough!! X

Norma 22 says:

I didn't read the book but I loved the movie!! I want to read them all now!! So adorable!

Elissa Fay says:

OMG YESSSSS. He totally sounded like Mark Ruffalo, I noticed it too!!!! It was exactly the same for me, I was like "who does he sound like…." and then halfway through I'm like "MARK RUFFALO" 😂

Scrolls of Dragons says:

I dont watch rom coms and I disliked this book but I really liked this film. It just got rid of everything I disliked in the book and although I thought it was a lil cringy at the start I was soon hooked. I could take it as a standalone to be fair, it was just so perfect to stand on its own.

Tiffy E says:

I loved the books and liked the movies. I just wish kitty got her dog

Emily Groce says:

I read the book back when it came out and remembered not liking it as much as I had loved The Summer I Turned Pretty. I did not like the whole pining after your sister's boyfriend or care too much for the love triangle. In that case, I felt like the movie was AMAZING. The concentration on her and Peter's relationship rather than the love triangle made me love it and want to give the books another try.

Ginny C says:

I really loved the movie, I have not read the book yet! I plan on getting the series and I hope Netflix continues the series.
I enjoy romantic comedies/chic flicks, too. I hate to admit how many times I have watched notting hill, Four weddings and a funeral, my best friend's wedding, serendipity, wedding date, you've got mail, etc.
I enjoyed your video, thanks for making it!

Kayla Kiteley says:

Yes I think he sounds like mark ruffalo too!!

Ribka Risma S says:

this review is SO relatable!!

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