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J.B.'s Reviews says:

I personally feel the problem lies in the app. It speaks to the impatience of people. They might not need a partner all the time, but when they want one it seems it has to be found quickly. People not all that long ago never needed apps, and did just fine without them. The apps, I really believe, are the problem.

leslieisepic says:

I didn't find my current boyfriend who I feel is my soulmate until I was 29. I'm 31 now and it'll be 2 years in April since we started dating. I didn't date much until my late twenties, and even then I found myself getting annoyed from the ordeal until I finally met someone who made all the communication that goes into maintaining a relationship easy and natural. You'll find someone eventually, just when you slow down your search.

Christopher Miller says:

I completely agree about the whole dating thing. I havent dated in six years because these days you cant really just walk up and ask someone out. Things have changed. That being said I refuse to use those dating apps lol

Jayce JvR says:

Oh my goodness yes! Dating in your mid to late 20s sucks.

fantanna says:

A lot of churches have small groups for single people… I know that’s not the greatest reason to go to church, but I’m sure a lot of ulterior motives are to meet someone lol

OJ H says:

I would love to hear your thoughts about Hold the Dark by William Giraldi. It seems polarizing. I really enjoyed it though; it’s very atmospheric which I found fascinating. The Alaskan landscape is almost another character in the book, there’s such an interesting melding of myth and folklore with reality, and the symbolism is intriguing too. Giraldi created a whole other world, but one that’s somehow still in the United States.

Diamond&Coal Books says:

I am an awkward person and sort of a romantic, so I lasted a few months with online dating. Was about to quit for good, because of the creeps, when I met my person. We've been together almost a year now and pretty much live together. 99% sure we're til death do us, etc. Online dating isn't for everyone, but it does work sometimes. Not everyone is a weirdo. I know it's easy to be discouraged, don't give up on your HEA. ❤🦄

hikkipedia says:

I've been in a relationship for 9 years, but I think if I were single now, I would take all the digital options away and let things naturally take course but I don't know.

Readful Things says:

I agree about the dating thing. My husband and I have been married for 10 years together 14, and there is no way I would date this day and age. I definitely wouldn't do the app thing. Things have to happen more organically for me and I just don't see that being a thing with a dating app.

Sandra Reiss says:

You came to my homwtown!! Can you believe ice never been to Reed books and I worked downtown🤦‍♀️….all those stalagmites and tites at Rickwoid Caverns!

Elise Baldwin says:

Yup, totally hear you with the dating. I’m not long out of a 6 year relationship and am dealing with dating apps for the first time. It’s horrible

FableForager says:

I completely get where you're coming from with online dating. I held out hope that I would run across someone in person but it's so hard to actually physically meet people now. At least where I live it is. It's funny though because I wound up coming across my boyfriend online when I was not looking for anything aside from decent conversation. But so far it has been working out for us haha. Seems like these things happen when you least expect them. That underground cavern thing looked like so much fun!

Candice Marquette says:

In 98 I divorced and the net was new and I started dating people from IRC chat. You can imagine the shock and confusion from all my family and peers as most people barely had computers at home and smart phones w apps were still years away. Everyone was convinced I was going to be murdered by creeps. I met some real duds and some winners. It was easier back then despite the “newness” of online dating. Honestly I didn’t have the confidence to go through the traditional dating methods as my wounds were still raw. I remember feeling ashamed of dating online because people thought it weird in 1998 and now it’s expected and totally acceptable. My hubby and I will celebrate 19 yrs of marriage after meeting online. Just know your channel rocks and I can’t get enough of your vlogs!

Cassie says:

Does it annoy anyone else when books use acne as a way to make a character seem gross or disgusting?
I may be a bit sensitive because I have acne, but it just makes me annoyed everytime. There are so many other ways to show a character is gross without using a skin condition a lot of people have no control over.

Irene Rauch says:

Do you have any affordable teeth whiteners you recommend? Love your vlogs!! 🙂

Erica Mangin says:

I was totally like you – comfortable and happy being single but kept an eye out for cool guys. But when I met my guy we were friends for a few months and we just got on so well and always had such a laugh, and we just wanted to hang out all the time…and so we did. Seven years later, still going strong.

Nicole M says:

Same in the dating. And I’m in my 30’s. I feel like it’s consistently gotten harder.

Kim E says:

Yeah dating is no fun. At this point, I'm working 7 days a week between two jobs, don't like socializing after being someone's "can do" person all day at work, and just want to read or "veg out" at home after work. I don't like going out and spending the money I've earned on activities. I've accepted I'll probably become an old maid at this point. 😂

I don't think I've done a second date yet from a dating app. Usually it's an ok to bad first date, and then a dude blowing up my phone for a week and getting mad that I don't dedicate my life to them in order to respond to a "good morning" or "hey" text as I'm running around.

Ironic Faith says:

I am also trying to date but when I want a good laugh about it. I listen to Why won't you date me? I've been on so many dates with boring dudes.

Angela Watson says:

I have been out of the dating game for a very long time, BUT I often say how glad I am that I am not having to find a soulmate in this day and age. I know it’s not the same thing, but I had the same job for 17years and I recently decided to look for a new position with a new employer and it SUCKED compared to finding a job 17yrs ago. Looking online can seem overwhelming and limitless, you come away feeling overwhelmed and empty handed. Luckily, I found new position that I love, but I found it through a friend.
I hope you find what your looking for by whatever means! I enjoy your videos and wish the best for you!

michellelee03 says:

Ugh 😑 I completely agree with dating nowadays. I’ve deleted my dating apps and tried to like just wait for it to happen but honestly when you live in a small town and work in an industry that doesn’t present opportunities to meet new people it’s like what other option is there than to go online?

Amanda says:

Have you ever been to the House on the Rock? It is bizarre and amazing. That cave clip reminded me of it.

Anna Quam says:

You should listen to the u up? podcast, it's a comedy podcast about dating in your 20s and social media and apps and all that. It's hilarious and also has helped me to understand the male species and my own dating patterns. Ps currently reading Stillhouse Lake per your recommendation forever ago. Loving it so far 🙂

jenny says:

That cave is creeeeeeeepeeeee!! Would not could not do 😢

Kayla M. says:

I HATE dating. I think that’s almost what I’m most upset about with my recent break up, that it means I’ll have to start dating again lol

Kori Sternik says:

Dating is the worst!!

jadestar31 says:

You should read Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. I think you'd really like it.

MyAura says:

I think the problem with dating apps (at least what I’ve noticed personally) is that I tend to be gravitated more towards people I’m already familiar with or know. So it’s almost impossible to feel like the first time you go out with someone from an app it’s a “date.” Idk if that makes sense but I think it goes back to psychology and the fact that familiarity increases liking 😂

SixthSenseSynesthete says:

Totally relate to your dating struggle. In my last relationship I (guiltily) found myself swiping despite being exclusive. It really is a problem of too much choice and access. And honestly these days I just feel more at ease and more myself when I’m alone. Not sure who it will take for that to change, lol.

Jay G says:

Internet dating gives me so much anxiety. I’ve had some…interesting experiences with it 😂

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