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FIT 2B READ says:

Great video

Read History says:

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Tim Tam says:

Someone explain something in the book Tinman .. in the ending … Did Micheal go back to meet them??? Also did Micheal die???

Jonathan Jernigan says:

hi, I am a big reader, how are u? It is hard to find anyone in my town who likes to read or discuss about books. Is it ok if I share information about books with you and vice versa?

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

I was looking forward to your review of English animals! Went to add it to my tbr and realised are already have! Must have sold me when you first mentioned it xD

Chi Ming says:

I keep coming back to this book review video of yours. Now that I have finished Tin Man yesterday, I just needed to hear again what some bookish people I trust.

Seany10hats says:

Nice video. I must be one of the few people who didn't get on with English Animals. I found the writing appalling and the characters needy and pathetic. The descriptions were cringy at best. So glad I borrowed it from the library and didn't buy it.

Lauren And The Books says:

I still cannot stop thinking about English Animals, such an amazing book. And I need to read Tin Man, I might pick it up next, I just might! Xx

z0mbiezarah says:

It's the start of the weekend and yet I cannot wait until Monday. Why? Because that's when my copy of English Animals is due to arrive. I haven't been this excited for a new book in a while and it's partly thanks to your review!

Sarah Fairbanks says:

Just finished the proof of love after your recommendation- I didn't anticipate the ending at all and now I'm a broken husk of a human :'( I think maybe that was me not wanting to acknowledge the likelihood of the events given how much I'd grown to love the characters!

leabhairagustae says:

I can't wait to read all of these books!

bookish sabrina says:

I just preordered Tin Man 🙂

Janine van Duijn says:

Added all three to my TBR, can't wait to pick these up!

Barbara Hansen says:

you got me really interested in them, i'll check them out!

Natalie Bell says:

Each of these books sound really good! I love your recommendations. I am not a fan of books with a lot of dialogue. Do these books have a lot of dialogue in them? Thanks for this great video!

Kay says:

English Animals sounds right up my alley – thank you for the in-depth intelligent reviews, as always.

The Colt Files says:

All of these authors were new to me. I'm excited to give a few of these a try.

Gabriel Ward says:

It's wonderful to see you've thoroughly enjoyed some of the books you've read, recently. Your sense of joy is almost palpable through the camera. I think you may potentially enjoy a book called 'The Book of Ebenezer Le Page' by G.B Edwards. It's published by The New York Review Books Classics, so at the very least it's a beautiful thing to hold in your hands. You and Russell over at Ink and Paper are doing all kinds of awesome for my reading, at the moment. Thanks 🙂

From Beginning to Bookend says:

Thanks for the warning about potentially sensitive content in English Animals. I'm currently reading a book that has had (so far) only one chapter with characters hunting, but I was bothered by it (which surprised me). I'm not sure it was necessary to be bothered; I just noticed that I didn't enjoy reading about men needlessly killing. That doesn't mean I won't pick up English Animals. It's just nice to know what I'm signing up for. So again, thanks!

ana ovejero says:

I think Tin Man's author wrote When God was a Rabbit. It's wonderful! highly recommended!

Karen Koutsoumbaris says:

Thank you so much , I now want to read all three . Simon always has good choices!

Julie Quick says:

Great to see you've got your mojo back! Your enthusiasm makes me want to read all three, but I am a bit wary of English Animals due to my feelings for animals. Would you say the animal deaths are dealt with in a gory/grisly way as I don't think I could handle that? Thanks for sharing!

SonniesOriginals says:

When you compared Tin Man to Carys Bray and Joanna Cannon, it went straight on to my wishlist!

Lins Littlereader says:

The Proof of Love is one of my favourite books, so glad you've read it at last, and that you enjoyed it so much. 🙂 Tin Man is on my tbr. English Animals sounds brilliant but if it has got upsetting stuff about animals in as I wouldn't enjoy reading that.

Elliot Hyland says:

English Animals keeps haunting me 🙂 It must be a sign. Simon already mentioned how much he enjoyed it and after this review I can't do otherwise than buying it. As a non-native English speaker myself it sounds wonderful to pick up on what the main character learns about the UK.

Jo-Anne Teal says:

Always enjoy your videos, but I was so pulled in by the way you spoke of Tin Man. So eloquently said, Mercedes. Just beautiful!

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