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My thoughts on / review of The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu.

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Seth Turner says:

I hated this book passionately. It was boring, pointless, and weird.

physicsme says:

About the "cold characters" point. We Chinese sci-fi readers also find this to be a problem with Liu's work in general.

Paul Zamfira says:

Cannot wait for you to review the other ones as well

NoNo says:

I'm glad I didn't watch this review before reading the book, and I'm glad I didn't read the description either. They were full of spoilers. I think a synopsis should contain information from only the first 10% of the book, or max 20% if you really need to.

zeroseinfinal says:

1. Three Body Problem: This is mind-blowing!
2. Dark Forest: WOW, the first one is just a Disney cartoon show. This one can rebuild your worldview and philosophy of life!!
3. Death's End: The second one is just your kindergarten graduation. And nothing matters in your real life after reading this one.

高畑園 says: this is three body problem movie

tyesthaitaitai says:

Daniel you need to read the first two books to get a breaking point. Book three is more it’s own thing.

Alex Myers says:

Its crazy youre reviewing this book. I started looking for books to read when my interest in reading was rekindled about a year ago. I found your videos and started reading fantasy again, and eventually scifi and this book. This book went off like a bomb in my head. I love how challenging it is, i love experiencing a completely new and different culture while also trying to keep up with the really hard science. The philosophical aspects are just… Amazing. Stuff you can think about for weeks. I am so glad you gave this book a video. Theres so much to find in this book other than a alien invasion. Thanks for your reciews and getting me excited about reading again.

Frida Mårtensson says:

I own but have not read this book, and am much more excited for it after this review! As in, it will likely be the next book I read 😀 I like how classic scifi goes for concepts and big questions and so this sounds fantastic.

Also based on what you say in this review, I would imagine (but could be wrong obviously) that "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky might be right up your alley (it certainly was mine), so that's my recommendation! 🙂

Eleanor Rigby says:

Life has only one goal, replicate. In this process, mutations happen. As a result we have evolution which gives us the diversity of life.
If humans cause the extinction of all life, but continues to thrive, the goal of "life"succeeded. There's only one kind of life on Earth. We call it DNA.

JCook says:

Absolutely loved Three Body Problem, but just a heads up for whenever you do go into book 2 there's a new translator who doesn't do the book justice. Ken Liu is back for the third book and it's every bit as good as the first. I don't know if Ken Liu added to make the prose better or if the 2nd translator was just lazy, but there is a very tangible difference between the two.

Matthew Swartout says:

This Series was so profound on me, as an epic SciFi reader, it was hard not to slip into a deep litterary depression after reading it. I know there are large threads around of 3-body readers asking "What on earth could I possibly read now… That was so _______." Honestly my biggest gripe was the lane-change with a new translator for book 2, but charge ahead and the better translation comes back in Book 3 where things really pick up.

I highly suggest you and anyone who reads this (and has the same experience) pick up the book "Seveneves" as a pallet cleanser. It's an amazing one-off with similar scope, epic-introspection, dark themes, and human ingenuity.

You'll be ready to pickup anything else after Seveneves, and break that feeling after finishing 3-body (i.e., Rememberance of Earth's Past Trilogy).

damonzc says:

In ThreeBody Problem people are against the idea of fleeing earth for the purpose of equity. In real life people opposed the idea of wearing masks for the purpose of freedom until every country’s medical system collapsed. It is sad to feel that the book can be related to the current Covid-19 issue almost perfectly.

Tim Stikkers says:

China Miéville, baby.

Isopropyl Harbor says:

Marinate away. But I felt that the first book was merely a prelude to a duology. The second book is so meaty and dense with ideas. The third book was just fantastic. I had to pick my jaw off the floor multiple times throughout the entire book.

Aaryaman Aashind says:

Wayy too much to read, wayy too little time.

Zifeng Zhang says:

Ball Lightning is also good if you like three body

Yesica1993 says:

Oh, I didn't realize this was a "humanity is a plague" sort of book. I've never understood that mentality in general. What's the option? Animals? There would be no civilization then. And notice how no one ever volunteers to get rid of themselves, first, and lead by example? It's always getting rid of everyone else. Bah.

Yesica1993 says:

I love Clarke's writing when it comes to worlds/situations. But holy cow, his writing of character was awful. There are some of his books where I feel like I was THERE. But I can't remember any of his characters. (I thought it was just me!)

Dennis Barros says:

Three Body Problem blew my mind. Not many Sci-Fi books have gripped me that much. I'm also super into Astrophysics and Astronomy so that made it even more fun for me.

Victoria says:

I've about 100 pages left in this and hate to say, but not impressed. I'm enjoying the overall themes and plot, but can't get into the characters, writing, or how science heavy it is. I don't mind heavy science, but this is just too dry for me and is making the book drag. That combined with what I find to be stilted writing and cold characters is making me struggle. Not sure if it's the authors style of writing I don't like or the translation, but not fan. Again, enjoying the overall concept and hoping the last 100 pages will be interesting enough for me to continue the series.

luke baier says:

these books blew my mind, I especially loved the Dark Forest, book 2!

Schmeman says:

I was sad to realize that this was a newish video and the next review isnt out yet. Usually it's like 6 months? Whatever, this video is two years old. Not this time… 🙁

Andrew Haller says:

Dan, gotta say I 100% disagree with your take on modern science fiction. For every shitshow like Picard, which has been hijacked by corporatist social agendas, there's a Black Mirror or the Expanse which are both highly character dependent.

Here's an entry level reading suggestion for character driven modern science fiction with strong scientific backing: House of Suns by Alistair Reynolds.

Gabriel H says:

I just finished the series a few days ago.

Just saying … the other two books are even more wild. And depressing. But wild. Never read anything like it before.

And yeah, Dark Forest is the best of the three.

Brandi He says:

I’m a chinese reader,Liu is not good at describing character😂😂All his pieces have that problem,or you can say it is his style。He just doesn't care much about the characters.He is good at building ambitious worldviews.i enjoy the last of the trilogy—Death’s end,truly mind blowing.

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