The Witcher Books | Spoiler-Free Recommendation! | Reading Order

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Hello! My name is Celise, welcome to The Book Armada! Here I talk about books from many different genres, with a particular emphasis on fantasy. Today I’m talking about my current favourite fantasy series, The Witcher Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Reading Order:
#1 The Last Wish (short stories)
#2 The Sword of Destiny (short stories)
#3 The Blood of Elves
#4 The Time of Contempt
#5 Baptism of Fire
#6 The Tower of Swallows (The Tower of the Swallow)
#7 The Lady of the Lake
#0 Season of Storms – a novel that takes place between stories in The Last Wish anthology. Read either after one of the short story collections, or after completing the entire series.

In this video: I give a quick review of what makes this series stand out to me, talk about the reading order, whether you should play the games first or read the books, and give a quick rundown on the different translation versions.

The “what makes this series great” part is made up of personal opinions, some of which are controversial topics of conversation for other readers. Any opinion comes from my own reading experience. You are totally welcome to discuss below if you have differing views!

For more in depth reviews, I have individual ones for each of the books in the Saga up on Goodreads:

The Last Wish:
The Blood of Elves:

Thank you for watching!