The Wheel of Time Spoiler Free Series Review

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Aylix says:

I couldn't get 10 chapters into the first book. Guess I missed out on quite the adventure.

InWeCome says:

If you say there are a lot of recaps as they are written to be read with time between each book, would you recommend doing just that? Reading WoT in between other books (series). May not be a year in between but at least a couple months, for me (i read slow)

ryan ng says:

Your aunty jane so active, blood flowing , no clog.

ryan ng says:

Realism conversation: friend experience, your experience, eye witness, dislike in many thing, picky.

ryan ng says:

People rely on realism, modern way is not what they want.

Paty M. says:

I have read it multiple times, is one of my favourites 😀 And I think Mr. Sanderson did an excelent job finishing it. Mr. Jordan would be proud!

ryan ng says:

I like to watch the wheel of time in amazon prime video.

coliostro1006 says:

I'm SO glad to hear I'm not the only one who HATED the gender dynamics. I completely understand the power hierarchy from the in-world perspective with the male true source being tainted and that creeping into social milieus, but the non-stop man bashing and the way authority figures like the wise ones and the Aes Sedai treat pretty much everyone like garbage, the men even more so, just became a bit much – I'm actually on my 2nd attempt to read through because it became too much the first time and I had to put it down after 6 books. I am not at all ignorant of how women have been treated in the past historically, but just like I wouldn't be a fan of reading "historically accurate" versions with men treating women this way, I'm not a fan of it in WoT. It wouldn't be so bad if even the main characters that have 1st person perspectives weren't like this as well. Yes, they all have their own "learning experiences", but as of book 6 it hasn't done anything to temper their attitudes… The lore and the story is good enough, though, that I want to see where it goes.

Maciej Kot says:

"It makes sense in the universe but it's so frustrating"
Yes. YES. I agree so much!

Carl Peters says:

Well done! Having read these as they came out wasn't great either. The wait between books got longer and longer – years near Jordan's death – and the repetitiveness was terrible on the first read as well. When the series started I'm not sure there was even a place to have a "community".

Vellichor says:

I did the insane and unthinkable thing of of reading all of the books except for the last one. You'd think that after going so far a person would want to finish it off, but no… … I dunno… I found that I just didn't really care anymore. So many of the criticisms you listed held me back, as well. The fantastic parts were FANTASTIC. But the grievances — and there were plenty — made for some boring or uninteresting reading hours. Enough that I just petered out.

Dale Harbajan says:

So I’m reading the first book, and omg it’s tedious! I think my biggest issues so far is that apart from Rand and Perrin, the characters are so annoying!

Benjamin Franz says:

My Great Uncle was a minor publisher in his life. He had an interesting kernel concerning the Jordan 'slog'. Jordan had thorough notes and outline for book 1-6. After he completed Lord of Chaos, Jordan asked his publisher (TOR) for a year off to chart the rest of the series. Tor refused his request, and thus slog.

Benjamin Franz says:

Books 1-7 were great. Books 8-10 were super repetitive. Books 11-14 were also pretty great. So you know for sure the first 7 seasons of the Amazon TV series will rock.

Rick Grundy says:

Yep, they're way better as re-reads. They're also a greater experience as audiobooks.

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