The Life We Bury Review | A Mystery

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My Review of The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens


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skybird rx says:

I need some help I'm doing a school presentation that I just found out about and it's due tommarow at midnight and I haven't read the book can you help me. I just have a few questions.

T L2 says:

I liked the book a lot, and would recommend it to anyone. However, I don’t think it was long enough to effectively incorporate the Mom and Jeremy sub-plots without those just interrupting the main plot line.

I did like Lyla, though it was quite clear she was intentionally written as nerd fantasy girl, and despite the reliance on the old damsel in distress.

Drew Gould says:

"The Life we Burrrry" lol

grbgtrade says:

find the book here 9.89$

Patti's Book Nook says:

Sounds really compelling:-)!! As long as I enjoy reading the narrative and characters (even unlikable), I don't care if the mystery isn't mind-blowing. Adding to my TBR. I like grit, and find some cozy mysteries (besides my dorky cat and coffee guilty pleasure ones!), silly since they're normally talking about murder. Thanks for the review!

The Witch says:

oh man…you have me intrigued with this book, nice review.=)

Mary Sexton says:

It sounds awesome. I love mystery books.

Maki1029 says:

I should've bought this when the kindle version was on sale!! I regret it now. I read winter people that you recommended on your channel and really enjoyed it. I think I'd like this one too:)

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