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The Dan and Phil 3D AUDIO EXPERIENCE (Audiobook Trailer!)

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Oh snap! You're watching Rich TVX News Network! The source of raw, breaking news.

Grab some headphones, close your eyes and you will be transported into the room with us!
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We made an audiobook it’s pretty cool and you should download it. How can we even make an audiobook of TABINOF with all the pictures and sketches and weirdness I hear you ask? Over 240 solid minutes of us trying to work that out. With behind-the-scenes stories and a tonne of bloopers we didn’t even edit out! It’s pretty funny we hope you like it.

This was recorded using ‘3D Binaural’ technology where we physically act out the sketch around a mannequin’s head with microphones in it’s ears so when you listen with headphones it’s like we’re actually in the room with you! Pretty awesome and totally invasive and disturbing right?

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Trailer produced with Somethin’ Else, Ebury Publishing and Random House Audio

note – the audiobook is normal sounding and not totally 3D like this trailer bc that would be horrific