The China Study | Summary & Book Review

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The China Study book is 400 pages long, and to be honest — it’s a bit heady. Which is why I want to break down the book into this 1 hour online course.

In short, The China Study is known as “the most comprehensive study of nutrition that has ever been conducted.” It includes results of a research project that included 6,500 people over a 20 year period of time. It’s epic.

The entire project was overseen through a partnership between Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. The book is co-authored by T. Colin Campbell (Ph.D in Nutrition and Biochemistry from Cornell University) and his son Thomas M. Campbell.

This book review is my overview of The China Study. Even though the book makes a strong “plant-based” argument, I have no agenda but to teach, and share this viewpoint with the world. I’ll likely do similar videos on Paleo and other sides of the argument in the future. So for now, let’s watch, have curious conversations and learn from each other.

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Praveen Kumar says:

Add subtitles

skywardiva says:

Any study done on Human's milk? If casein is so bad why is it available in breast milk? Wouldn't that be an argument for "seeding" too early?

Muhammad Zahid says:

The China Study is basically "The China Correlational Bullshit"

mohammad Aziz says:

Here sugar consumption, carbohydrates were ignored. So this study is incomplete and partial. High amount of carbohydrates along with high animal protein is dangerous.

AbdelAzeez Sobh says:

The findings of the most comprehensive study on the relationship between diet and the risk of developing the disease challenge much of the American dietary dogma.

Get Free The China Study Book (PDF – Summary – Review – Online Reading – Download):

Mag Ma says:

Fred Rogers , Vegetarian, died of stomach cancer. Steve jobs , Vegetarian/Vegan died from Pancreatic Cancer. High carbs and sugar are the killers – including causing epidemic obesity and DM. Eating REAL, TRADITIONAL FOODS – including meat and dairy – and low in carbs – is nutrient dense and smart. Plants only cleanse the body. Animal protein protects and rebuilds the body.

mp7925 says:

Dr. Campell is Ancel Keys all over again.

healup 1220 says:

Monsanto= cancer

M A R K O says:

Do they say something about coffee in book?? Nice video man really nice! 👍

babz anderson says:

Finally a non industry funded explanation 👍

Farres Yasser says:

Bro thanknu sooo much!i have no time to read the book and ur summarized lecture was even better than an audible book in my estimation. Thanks again

Q S says:

Why avoid vitamin supplements? I’ve had breast cancer twice and I swear by my supplements to help me on top of vitamin c drips and a plant based diet

Cosmic Dancer says:

Campbell's experiments are on rats. China study is a survey. Linkage is left out.

Tsetsi says:

thanks Chris… appreciated!

saw du tha tha dee says:

This vedio is good. Argument of vegan, carnivore, keto , Paleo etc. Very confused.

Collectric says:

I am a skeptical 64 year old and have eaten dairy and meats for all my life. As I've been getting older I have noticed increased stiffness in joints all over the body with particular problems in the right shoulder. I had a gall bladder removal about 3 years ago and my digestion and stools never really returned to normal.

As an experiment I have avoided all animal protein and dairy for only 3 weeks. In this short space of time my stiffness and shoulder problems have disappeared, my bowels have returned to normal and I seem to be walking much, much faster. Overall, I have more energy and seem less forgetful. This particular experiment will not be ending. Thanks Colin.

Jerry Hendrix says:


The Professional says:

so 50 grams of animal protein per day….milk has 16 grams a burger pattie has 16 grams.lets start there..=)


kya raw vegetable stomach infection or gas kerti he?

Kimber Z says:

Great video, except for the fact that you replaced "no animal protein" with "less animal protein".

Jen Dannie says:

Give this guy a round of applause 👏

Paul Curley, CFA says:

Good stuff. Thank you.

Jose Mediavilla says:

Many weeds are actually medicinal herbs that are excellent for the human body. I water plenty of my weeds, because "plants are magic".

shoppingfiesta says:

I find it very hard to avoid supplements because food nowadays doesn’t have enough of vitamins, potassium, iron, etc. Food was industrialized and it doesn’t have as many nutrients and vitamins as before.

Maxim Motyshen says:

What does percentage of protein mean here? "20% gluten" – how do I understand it? 20% of calorie intake? Or what?

Jesse Davis says:

Was the Chinese main source of food was white rice when he did this study. Why do people still say white rice is bad for you

Gurleen Kaur says:

I agree with you. Plants and plant protein is definitely better for you because of the way meat is processed nowadays in our civilization. The chemicals used in the meat, go into our bodies. Meat is part of a stock that is able to get disease. Not only that but being human is about compassion. When we eat animals we lack compassion. I bet a lot of individuals in society wouldn't even eat meat if they were the ones hunting it down, and than processing it so that they could consume it as a source of substance.

Arif Ramli says:

we all know that casein is bad but why does it represent animal protein as a whole? what about poultry, fish, eggs and whey?

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