The Basics on a Witches Book of Shadows || How to start, what to add, and simple tips || GIVEAWAY

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A Book of Shadows is one of the most important tools a witch can have. It’s a place to organize their notes, keep their thoughts, track their progress, and reflect back on how much they grew and evolved in their craft. I went over some very simple and basic ways on how to start your own, and hopefully this can help you alongside your journey.
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I’m ready to start my book of shadows but where do I start to learn the spells from?

4castlesandcoffee says:

I just found you and OMG YOUR VOICE IS SO SOOTHING AND PRETTY!!!!!!! Your setup is gorgeous and your books are so inspiring!!! Def subbing asap

Evelyn Was Here says:

I’m a closeted witch so I can’t really get books without getting caught so thank you for this 🥰

Yeet Delete says:

as a baby witch, yes

The Pine Witch says:

Something I do with my book is that with pages where marker bleeds through I add ripped out book pages…(No, they fell out of really old damaged books.)

Melissa Bird Ednie says:

Thank you so much.. new subscriber here 🙋‍♀️💜

Ghoosei says:

Love the ARC Idea! Could you maybe give a basic overview on what you did for the covers? Only thing I can find are poly covers.

Maura says:

I’m about to start making mine!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗


I have a question that i have wanted to know for a long time now and it is how do you make your own sage

Christi Gray says:

You are ABSOLUTELY a beautiful soul ❤️This is the first video I've seen of yours, but I'm definitely getting more calming/relaxing vibes from your one video than I have in any other video. I came across your video because I have wanted to create my very own book, (I'm old fashioned), but I just never knew where to start. Thank you so much for this very informative video. I plan on making plenty more old looking crafts. So, I also plan to see many more insights/ideas from you. Thank you ❤️💯

Allana K says:

Can you put crystals you have like the meanings and just things like that in your bos? I’m a beginner at all this. Thank you!

xNeinxX says:

I have adhd and thus have the hand writing of a kindergardner so i feel like none of this is possible for me ad it would never be pretty

AC Courtis says:

I got here through an exhaustive google search looking for an introduction to a shadow book!

KatLot says:

I found your channel by this video as it came up in my feed. I like the idea of the ARC system, followed link to Amazon – its on my wish list. Thanks. I also watched one of your thrift upcycles, some great ideas. I like those. Thanks

Toni Martell says:

I’m looking forward to creating my first book of shadows!

Xx_littledumb333monster_xX X_LDM_X says:

From what I heard I thought books of shadows we're private things for witches-?

Joshua Ray Lancaster says:

Love your book of Shadow's and journals you have done a wonderful job with them

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