The 48 Laws Of Power Robert Greene Audiobook

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Full audiobook of Robert Green’s 48 laws of power. Learn the 48 law people use to gain power over you or to take power away from you and use the 1 or 2 honest ways to gain power.

In a documentry on Quantum Mechanics Bruce Lipton Ph.D explains it this way: We live in a heiarcky of pwoer there are very powerful people and then there are people who have not power at all.
He goes on to explain every human is just as powerful as the however, it is not that you are not powerful but rather they took your power away from you by making you believe you are not powerful.

In Robert Greene’s book the 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene provides you with the knowledge so no one can take your power away from you.

In the Bible 2 Cor 2:11 in reguard to Satan it says: we are not ignorant of his devices. In Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of power he explain how people will try to decieve you, manipulate you, and in order to protect yourselfs from these kind of people even people who make seem to be honesty and trustworthy however, you need to keep on guard because some of these people too.

My father is a kind, patient and loving individual. He and in turn I was not ready to hand the types of people who would use their power to take advantage of people like us.

There are two types of power struggles #1 – Those who try to convince us that we are not powerful #2 Those who use their power to control us.

Robert Greene in his 48 laws of power is gonna arm you so that no one can every take your power away from you ever again.
The 48 Laws of Power:
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