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Charlie made it through the factory but then got lost in adaptation and The Dom splits time and space in order to bring you both versions of the film. Decided to combine the episodes for [More]
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Go to or text noble to 500-500 to get your free trial. How loyally did The Martian (starring Matt Damon, directed by Ridley Scott) adapt the book of the same name by Andy Weir? [More]
Comparing The First Epic Movie to the four books it’s based on by Dav Pilkey. More Dom: Co-writer/editor: Kate Robinson: Original music by Il Neige:
Forrest Gump was based on a novel by Winston Groom, but how closely did they stick to it? More Dom: Co-writer/editor: Kate Robinson: Original music by Il Neige:
Murder becomes manslaughter, mothers become evil lesbians and an abundance of Britishness becomes… well no they nailed that. The Dom reviews the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s best seller: Rebecca. Support the [More]
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#underratedhorrorbooks #horrorbooks ——————– Books Mentioned 1. From A Buick 8 by Stephen King 2. The Red Tree by Caitlín R. Kiernan 3. Enter, Night by Michael Rowe 4. Poe’s Children edited by Peter Straub 5. [More]
Interview with James Nestor about his new book on Breathing and Breathwork – You will learn so much about the power of breathing and the science that sits behind it. Make sure you are subscribed [More]
Getting lost searching for a solution to the nothing AND getting lost in adaptation? Now that’s just unlucky. For me, this will also be known as: The Neverending Audio Issues and The Neverending Overuse Of [More]
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Yes, Disney’s 2001 smash hit The Princess Diaries WAS based on a book, written just a year before it’s adaptation. Did they have anything in common? The Dom looks to find out. Support the show [More]
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Me talking about the novel ‘The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen’ by Syrie James. An OK read, recommended for Austen fans, but not at all convincing from its premise.
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