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Noey Tindol says:

Did you go to Brown? You mentioned Pass/Fail.

Samantha Dunn says:

Hi! It has always been my dream to study abroad and every little bit helps!

sarah o says:

such such such a helpful video!

Festival Secrets says:

Hi everyone! I'm from Spain and I'm just looking for someone who wants to speak Spanish and teach me English by Skype. (I am not teacher).

Molly Gipson says:

I am so glad I found this video! I am studying in granada this semester. you have no idea how helpful this is, actually you might haha. thank you so much! you gained a subscriber 🙂

TerbearTV says:

Hi! I'm going to be studying abroad in Spain in 2016 and need to raise some money. Please go to Anything helps! Thank you so much.

Nathalie Marichal says:

Were there a lot of Americans at the University of Granada?

yara ahmed says:

How much money did you save up before you studied abroad? 😄

mrn95 says:

Could look and listen to you all day long. You are very pretty! But yeah im going to salamanca for 8 weeks. But dont know wether i should stay with a host family or shared appartment.

Elliot Scott says:

I heard that Spanish women weren't as promiscuous as other countries. I heard they're passionate but not easy. Is that true?

MyBloomingLife says:

I'm a sophomore in high school too and my dream is to study abroad in Spain, also!!! Check out which college you want to go to and see how much their study abroad program is. You can probably get a job this year or next year 🙂 also, there are scholarships so do well in school! Go to your school counselor and ask

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