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Here are my review on the books I have read by Stephen King! I’m letting you know which ones were the best and my favorites which ones I would recommend you pick up for the fall! Lots of very popular books like It, The Stand and the Gunslinger and lots of thriller, horror recommendations!

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_______________ BOOKS MENTIONED ______________

The Long Walk
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The Running Man
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The Gunslinger (Book 1 of The Dark Tower Series)
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The Stand
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Pet Sematary
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Sleeping Beauties
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Different Seasons (The Shawshank Redemption)
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Currently reading:

The Institute
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The Shining
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Want to read:

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The Green Mile
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BookswithEmilyFox says:

What's your favorite SK book? Which one should I pick up next? 😀

Patti Reinheimer says:

It took me forever to read the Dark Tower series because I disliked The Gunslinger so much, but the Drawing of the Three (bk 2) just grabbed me and made me obsessed with the rest of the series.

Fatima Sajid says:

6:07 IT is the only book I've read by Stephen King… It was amazing! Can't wait to watch it's sequel soon!

Émejay y says:

Hi! In Portugal we have IT in two volumes. Makes it easier to read even though the price gets way more expensive ahaha

Sonia Lewis says:

You should read In The Tall Grass 90 page novella he wrote with his son. I was so triggered!

River 25 says:

I'm currently reading the girl who loved Tom Gordon and it's great so far…

Narata says:

I'm so glad you feel the same way about The Gunslinger. I couldn't finish it. My friend said I should just skim read it really fast because the other books in the series are really good. I may try again sometime this year.

Awesome video by the way! I will try many of your recommendations.

Agata Kwiatkowska says:

You should read the dark tower to the end! The gunslinger is the weakest of these seven books. The rest is amazing. I read it a few years ago but I remember that they made a great impression on me. If you manage to break through and read the rest, you certainly won't regret it.

Shemarlos Scott says:

The Raft is my favorite Stephen King Story

Jenna R says:



Sonya Madden says:

I loved It.

C. says:

Emily I still hope you will one day record your video on your favourite post-apocalyptic novels! It's one of my favourite genres and I need your recommendations

Ovidesonsac says:

No no no ~ pas nécessaire ! ~
Lmao my thoughts exactly

WineOfAges says:

Just recently read The Green Mile. The feelings were so real! One of my new favs!

AB C says:

Currently reading Carrie. I’ve watched the movie but never read the book.

Tiffanie Lowe says:

‘Green Mile’ book is really good, the movie is pretty accurate in following the book.

Teodora Toncheva says:

I've read "The Shining" this time of the year two years ago. It was really good in my opinion, would recommend. Really creepy, really messed up at times. The ending was a bit so-so but still it's worth it

sk70091 says:

I have yet to read The Long Walk and Sleeping Beauties, but I agree with you on all the other books. I always feel like an unusual King fan because I hated The Gunslinger and think that IT is only average (its saving grace is its characters, like always with King). I think you're going to like The Green Mile and 11/22/63. They're both on my list of favorite King books, along with Misery and The Dead Zone. I also really enjoyed the Bill Hodges trilogy.

Benjamin Sparrow says:

I can't really disagree with you on The Gunslinger. It's kind of a weak book. It does have a great opening line though!

Old Bones says:

The Long Walk is also one of my favorites. Also had a problem with the scene in IT. I enjoy The Stand, Misery, Shining and his story Apt Pupil.

Kat says:

11.22.63 is such a good book! One of my favourites by The King. And I've too watched the TV show and, trust me, in comparison to the book, it sucks BIG TIME

Dane Reads says:

The Long Walk is great! I really liked 11/22/63 as well so you're in for a treat when you get to that! I'm closer to having all of King's books read than you are but I totally feel your pain, I reckon I'm still about 15 away from having read them all!

JasmineBlushes1 says:

Rose Madder is another one of my favorites along with 11/22/63. So much better than the show. I saw the first two episodes of the show, got really upset and never finished the show. Haha. Definitely read the book.

JasmineBlushes1 says:

Hi! I wanted to comment on The Gunslinger 😅 I’m sure you know by now, but people either love or hate that book so try not to pay to much attention to that first book of the series. Definitely read the second one. The whole mood of the writing and story change dramatically and the series is super amazing. And if you enjoyed the bond of the friends from the book IT, then you will definitely appreciate and like the second and third book of the dark tower series. And it only gets better. I know that you like audiobooks so that might be the best route for you to go and the narrator, Frank Muller is Amazing. You will like it. I know that you do t know me. But I’ve been watching tour channel for a long time and I’m sure you will like it. Ps. I think everyone Hate “That scene” in It. Just FYI. I Hate it too. Made me want to stop reading. Barf.

true. neutral says:

The Dark Tower series are actually my favorite Stephen King books, I really like how atmospheric they are and how there are so many easter eggs in them from all his other works (It, The Shining, Salem's Lot, etc) because the series is basically about the Stephen King multiverse. I like long stories like that as well, it gives me a lot to think about (the world, the characters, subplots) and I don't mind the countless hours I spend reading them, it just makes me even more attached to the book by the end. I see why people may not like this series though, it can be kind of hit or miss and depends on your specific taste. I also sometimes rather enjoy the vague, sudden endings, as it works fine with my philosophy on the abrupt and sometimes nonsensical (meaningless) finality of life.^^

Allison Benton says:

Your sweater!!! Where did you get it?!? I adore it and it looks amazing on you!

Misty L says:

I just checked my shelf and I’m currently reading my 37th SK novel. I agree with your comments about IT and The Stand, but I still loved both books. I felt that their strengths totally outweighed any weak parts. (Except for that one scene in IT. I agree, it is just messed up. I try to forget it’s even in there.) Some of my favorites are Needful Things, Duma Key, Pet Sematary, and Dolores Claiborne. I also loved Tommyknockers although that seems to be an unpopular opinion.

chilicircus26 says:

My fav Stephen King book is a lesser known one. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. It's very short, about the same thickness of Carrie so if you think it sucks you didn't waste too much of your life on it.

Coseepo says:

I've only read Misery because the premise intrigued me and it was shorter, but I thought it was absolutely awful. It really put me off SK

Shannon Doyle says:

I love the Long Walk too! Close second to my favourite, Green Mile!

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