SPY KiD and SPY DAD the STORY!! Saving the City from Mr. Sunflower! Magic Library Stories by Adley

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we’re a SPY FAMiLY.. and we’re gonna take down Mr. Sunflower once and for all!


HEY EVERYBODY!! I’ve got a story to tell you! There once was a spy, who was cool, handsome, and worked for the FBI.. so he went on all sorts of secret missions to save the world! He even got a golden spy award for being one of the best FBI agents in the world! But then one day, his boss told him that he had to go undercover as a dad! He told the spy that he needed to go to the adoption center and adopt a little girl named “Little A”. So the spy had to take care of his new daughter without letting her know that he is a spy. The first thing they did together was get some ice cream, then they went to the store to stock up on some groceries. While they were shopping the evil “Mr. Sunflower” found out that the spy was undercover! So Little A and her new dad had to escape in a helicopter before Mr. Sunflower could get to them. The spy and Little A continued to do normal family activities.. like get a home, and go to a friend’s birthday party. but eventually the Spy Dad decided to tell Little A about his secret life as a spy and they decided to be a spy family together and take down Mr. Sunflower and all of his evil minions once and for all! They locked them up in jail and decided to be a spy family for the rest of their lives!

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