Solo Dungeons and Dragons Modules (+1 Review)

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Solo Dungeons and Dragons from the 1980’s – Adventure Module Review.
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Play D&D on your own as a solo game! On this video I review adventure modules from the eighties that were made to be played by only one person rather than as a group with a Dungeon Master.

All but one of these modules was made for the DND Basic ruleset but can be easily modified to work for Fifth Edition. Most of them also have a group variant so they can be reused by your DM and a regular party.

M1 (MSOLO1)– Blizzard Pass
M2 (MSOLO2) – Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
BSOLO – Ghost of Lion Mountain
XSOLO = Lathan’s Gold
XS2 – Thunderdelve Mountain
CM5 – Mystery of the Snow Pearl
MV1 – Midnight on Dagger Alley

You can find some of them second-hand or on the DM’S Guild.
If you have an original copy of M1 or M2, find a HTML version of all the revealed text here:

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Thanks for watching. More +1 Reviews very soon.

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Plus One Pencil says:

Thanks for watching my +1 review of Solo D&D modules. Have you played any of these modules? How do you feel about solo roleplaying games?

Farty Mcbutterpants says:

Just started getting into solo play. I've just taken Dragon of Icespire Peak and played through it as player and DM. It's hard to avoid the spoilers, but learning 5e was tough enough. I don't want to learn a new system. I wish there were more solo videos. I've gone through all the ones I can find in YouTube search. Thanks for the info!!

Indestructoboy says:

Seriously fantastic video. Stumbled across your channel this morning and it baffles me how you only have 200 subscribers.

Eve Hello :D says:

They should create solo modules for 5e!
These seem really cool, and I’d love to play solo

Jshaw71 says:

I think it was a good idea for tsr to have solo adventures, it gives a player a chance to get their feet wet, and establish a character before joining a group (or if they can't find one)

bigmrfnB says:

Lonely players club

Boss Hogg says:

What happens if you climb down the well??? I must know!

JP Schwieterman says:

The "red mist" made the last two modules… It was better than a video game. With that said I spent many hours + viewer + Might Night Alley. Such a classic. 🙂

Michael Richmond says:

Also a 3rd Party Module by the company Role Aids, "Final Challenge." It used dice and a date system (Time limited and let you continue with a second pre-rolled character if you die to determine what you encountered as you travelled and how and if you found the "boss" Wizard. I had a lot of fun with that.

Cameron F says:

Good to know I'm not the only person who plays solo RPGs. Lol I just made one. I'm testing it tonight 🙂

shallendor says:

The 4 Sagard the Barbarian Gamebooks from TSR take place in Greyhawk and allow you to level up your Barbarian.

Tom D says:

Found this video looking for 5th ed Solo modules. As you stated, they haven’t made any yet?! Not sure why, they should. And of these modules here, I have 3 of them. Blizzard Pass, Snow Pearls and Ghost Castle. Also, the basic rulebook had a short solo game in it as an introduction to “how to play” these are all 2nd edition modules (I believe). I have that whole line of rulebooks (Red, Blue, teal, black, gold). Fun times!

Da Josh says:

Realy good Video.

You got yourself a new subscriber 🙂

orrin ellis says:

Lathan's gold w/ paizo's pirate rules an MCDM mass combat rules would be a great game

popechucky says:

Avalon Hills.. ‘Magic Realm’ could be played solo

Reid Martin says:

I think I am going to have to try to track one of these down.

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