Solitary Witch ~ Silver Ravenwolf | Book Reviews

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Oculus Meus72solomon says:

I bought that book, and am completely disappointed unsurprisingly. She is a feminazi with a touch of occult historical inaccuracy. The information is shallow at best and has a lot of mistakes. Total waste of money

spidermoth T says:

I'll take ur advice and buy the book you recommend I have titled "Angel's companions in magick" which is also an insightful book.
Thank you for sharing goodness
Have happy days

sparky1212new says:

whilst I appreciate your innocent glee over getting this book I would like to note that I have read it and own it amongst several other books and, although she probably means well, Silver is a bit watered down so to speak. What I mean is that many times she mentions things aren't entirely accurate or that push a specific mindset. Magik itself is useful and dangerous in many ways however many of the things she says are required to perform certain things or produce a certain outcome are not actually necessary, helpful yes but not necessary. Along with that she tends to have a habit of saying that "real witches" do this and don't do that but in reality some of those things aren't true. her book to me is more of a beginners guide but not something to found your entire practice on. Much like Scott Cunningham, Alister Crowley and Stewart and Janet Ferar the books are a baseline of beginning your own path. If you blindly follow without question you will never discover your own way and always be a sheep following a sleepwalking herder. Silver is a wonderful woman with a great book full of good and helpful things all im saying is try not to look at her or anyone's books as the only "true" way.

Sam Be Mixing says:

Wow i just got it the end of last year…. And you did this vid in 2012……

Vonda Martin says:

There is so much more to Wicca than Silver Ravenwolf. She is such a distraction from the real practice. Ugh. Young women, please find someone else to guide you path.

MsOwl22 says:

Love your enthusiasm – your energy – I didn't find you creepy or anything – go well with your Wicca Journey, Rose Quartz Blessings xx

Moonlight says:

I have this book and love it

Hazeroth Haley says:

Solitary Witch is an amazingly awesome book. I really would love to have it in my house. It is a very useful and helpful book.

Hazeroth Haley says:

I love Silver RavenWolf

Kufari Mahdi says:

Someone just gave me this for free

Gayz and Teaz says:

I am a new Wiccan and I wanted to get this book but my mum is being rude about me being Wiccan she snickers and laughs sometimes

Hecate haven says:

I bought this book and because I have a learning disability I also bought it on audio so I can like read it as it is being read to me and use it as a reference book because there is so much information there you can't remember everything I love this book and I love silver ravenwolf I'm tired of people calling her names and you know if she wants to do her crap this way if I speak to do it this way it's kind of safe it's kind of nurse ring and there's nothing bad about it I just wish people would stop I think they're jealous because they can't write a book like she can direct to the point thank you

Reckless Nation says:

I got the book 🙂 I love it

Louise Cooper says:

I have done a spell to help stop bullies but also action has been taken by reporting them to the spell backs it up

Louise Cooper says:

I have this and teen witch I ignore the historic all bits use with Scott Cunningham Lauren manoy ect apart from that great books I'm from the UK love em

A Fry says:

The thing to remember about that book is that it isn't a textbook so much as a reference/encyclopedic book. It is a collection of topics that should be delved into deeper because each topic has vast realms of information necessary to know to be adept. Silver does have issues with her historical knowledge and that should be kept in mind in any of her historical notations. When it comes to the more practical "how to" things, those are in her style and can appeal to many others I expect. Personal style doesn't really need critiquing. Always delve deeper into anything in it. Whatever the topic there is, branch out and check other authors.

Dark Soul says:

Bought this love it !

Dark Soul says:

I just got this one, I love it !

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