Skyward Book Review

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Ivey Bullard says:

Im finally able to watch this, just finished the book today. I absolutely love the characters and how different they all were by the end. Brandon writes his characters so well. I cant wait to read the next one.

Mike Russcher says:

I only had two cons with this story. The over user of some words like blushed, coward, or jerk face, but the main problem was what a child Spensa was for the first half of this book. I recognize that it fits her character to be whiny and spiteful of others who she perceives to be in a better situation than her and this starting point did allow her character to grow as the book progressed so it turned out well. Still, the first half of the book was tough to get through especially with how mean she as to Jorgan who literally did nothing to deserve her attitude. Glad that she did grow up eventually.

Overall it is a good story capped off by a wonderful ending!

ShaleNinja says:

Spot on review is spot on. I just(!) finished this book, and it's my introduction to Sanderson (I dislike fantasy and enjoy sci-fi, and it's all that the library had at the time, d'oh!). You're absolutely right, it was a whole lot of fun…especially not being able to predict every damn thing he was about to do. I can see the enormous potential for world-building here, and I will actually fight someone IRL to get my hands on the sequel.

More than anything I could feel he has so much more potential as a writer, and it's encouraging me to pinch my nose and tolerate some fantasy so I can see what he's like at the top of his game. I found the prose in particular difficult to deal with, because it was so very clearly watered down for a YA audience. I'm hoping that's a quirk of this particular series / how he addresses a YA audience, and that he has far richer, spicier, riskier work to devour with an older audience in mind.

Essa Does Stuff says:

I thought I would be annoyed with Spensa at first but I ended up loving her! I adore her character development

DoggyPoo says:

The very first interaction with Jerkface made me realize he was a budget Elend and Mbot disappearing was a budget Syl. Neither had that much commitment. It was like the young adult versions of them

DoggyPoo says:

I can't imagine angry and aggressive murphy

DoggyPoo says:

I felt like the villain wasn't 1 Dimensional, but she also wasn't multidimensional. She was just 2 dimensional and that's perfectly fine, but again not good and not bad.

Sofia Estela Ramirez Lopez says:

Here I am, waiting for her review on Starsight (couldn’t find it)… After this great review, I’m really interested in her opinion in Starsight. I loooved the sequel! This is one of my favourite series

Lyle Tito says:

trying to get my 13 year old daughter to read this… she read and like mistborn. but that was a year ago, when she was twelve. and before she discovered tiktok.

Raghav Ravichandar says:

Thankyou for discussing spoilers, nobody does that on YT which is wierd

loper42 says:

I think you care more about world-building then character-development so I guess were different in that. I loved this book. This felt more character focused than the others Sanderson writes and is probably why I loved it.
The second book will probably be more to your taste. Also, first-person narrative does not lend itself to world-building on the scale of multiple perspectives. I will say that may be why I disliked Way of Kings so much. I think that Skyward did a lot of things right that Sanderson usually misses in my opinion, which is character interactions. I agree though it could have used more.
I will say that my problem with Sanderson which hilariously is the opposite of yours is that he spends so much time on world-building, I don't get to see character interactions enough. When a writer kills off a character, I really want to care about their death so I agree on your argument there. In Mistborn, I barely remembered the heist crew until book 2 because they were introduced and disappeared so fast.

Steve-rogers says:

M bot is on level with ultron interms of humor

MV says:

Whose read book 2 now?.?

AppleArtistGrove says:

I could not put this book down istg!!! I finished it in 1 day and half of a night. I will stand with this book till the end. I actually loved spensa only because I am literally the esact same….ngl

anonymous frog says:

I love Skyward.
I also read the sequel Starsight.
I remember when i first read about Jorgen, I was like, he’s going to be so annoying and a bully, and stuff like that. However, now, I love him as a character and I really ship him with Spense lol.

Abdi MO says:

When are you going to do a review for ( The Rage of Dragons)!

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