Should you buy Battle Royale? + Manga Reviews of Frankenstein, Wonderland and Children of the Whales

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Should you buy battle royale? Is it worth reading, and tracking down those out of print volumes?
Bitesized manga reviews of Battle Royale, Children of the Whales, Frankenstien by Junji Ito and Wonderland.

Battle Royale Manga First Impressions:

Should you read Vinland Saga?

I’m so glad I started collecting and reading manga, it’s a fantastic hobby!

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Highland Manga:

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DeanBarry - Movie Reviews And Stuff says:

Man. Battle Royale is soooo expensive on Amazon.

storiedshelves says:

Loved hearing your thoughts on all of these series! I've yet to read any of them but your descriptions have me totally interested 😊 Looking forward to getting into Junji Ito's work, especially Frankenstein!! Wonderland has a very interesting premise too:)

Thanks for another video!!😊

JustyHooked says:

Congrats on 500 hopefully the quality I bring when I come back can pull me to 250 that sounds like a nice number to land on. Any way great video I gotta try Frankenstein

Rik2501 says:

I think Battle Royale will forever be known as 'the tears, snotters and brains one' for me as there seems to be copious amounts of all three being spilled at regular intervals!

Good to hear that the later volumes really delve into the back stories of the remaining characters. Definitely prefer character building to just action, action, action.

Just finished reading volume nine and it wasn't an easy read. At all. Still, it made me feel sorry for Mitsuko and all that she had been through. Definitely gonna need something light and fluffy as a palate cleanser when I'm finished the series, I think!

Defo plan to pick up the rest of your reads at some point. Wonderland really piqued my interest when I first heard of it.

Shantydan86 says:

Pen pal was one of my favourite short stories too. I just read fragments of horror which has some pretty good bits to it and the cover has a really cool vanished illustration that when you shine in the light reveals loads of monsters from his books

anab0lic says:

I managed to pick up the whole series of BR on ebay a while back, in pretty good condition for a fair price, id like to see classic series like this get a repirint though so its more widely available for newcomers to manga.

Shaegeeksout says:

Every time I hear you talking about Children of the Whales, I think I should try it! I'm hoping to get it after I catch up on a couple of series.

OnTheShelf says:

Can’t wait to do my review and show off my matching spines 😏😏😏😎

Jaso Auten says:

junji ito is a master of his genre, glad you picked his titles up for review,

justafreak says:

Great read. The shorts in from this Ito volume were also hit and miss for me but overall it was good.

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