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Sasha Alsberg
PMB 114
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Lake Forest, IL


Instagram: @sashaalsberg, @outlanderlassie & @theshadowhunters
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Colman 5908 says:

For some reason I keep hearing screaming in the music and it’s freaky

Susana M. says:

Girl, good call on the Fallen series, it was absolutely atrocious. I somehow sludged through it and… yeah, it was just not a good thing.

NoNameJustWords says:

Why do so many Booktubers shout at the camera?

seaveyjams says:

i aint gonna finish temptation by r.l stines bcs its kinda childish

Abhinav Marathe says:

U have the books still not reading 😐

EdieLouise says:

You should read the Gone series by Michael Grant!

Jess says:

Who else watches Sasha's videos when they need to wind down? ❤️

Erin Rogoff says:

I have a BookTube channel, so I've covered this topic in a video of my own. I won't be finishing the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series by Karen Miller, and I don't think I'll be finishing The Selection series by Kiera Cass. I read the first book of The Selection series, but I don't think I'll read on after the third book. Tell me if they're worth finishing!

Chrissy Borrelli says:

I really want to finish the gone series by Micheal grant

Ferlina Vidyananda says:

I think i will not finishing The Wolves of Mercy Falls series a.k.a Shiver since it has that Twilight vibes

Niji Mujino says:

Does the last page really spoil the whole book? most of the time I don't think there is very much crucial information there…

Tylrr Stel says:

I don’t think I’m gonna finish the shades of magic series just because I loves how the first book ended

Burner Fire says:

Fourth shelve right from her head what's that green book?

Burner Fire says:

U don't have to reread to remember just skim…

Ferlina Vidyananda says:

Please do this again!

Cheila Carina says:

I gave up on Fallen halfway through the first book because it was too slow for my own liking and I didn't like the characters. I also stopped reading Mortal Instruments. I wanted to see why it was such a popular urban fantasy series and so I read the 1st book and kinda liked it but, after that, I found them too boring and not interesting, despite the whole idea of shadowhunters being a great concept, but maybe not explored as nicely as I wished. I ended up forcing myself to finish book 2 and 3 (which only got interesting at the end) and even the first few pages of the 4th book… but I can't bring myself to read it anymore. I might get back to it somewhere in the future – who knows?. I also stopped reading the Twilight series, whose first 2 books I read when I was 13, I didn't continue it at the time because I couldn't find the 3rd book at the library and so, as I grew up, my opinion on the whole thing changed dramatically and I just never continued it… Some series, you just cant.

himani chunduru says:

delirium was really amazing. i cannot believe u couldnt complete it

Seren says:

The Fallen book is on Netflix. Its not the best

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