SCARIEST Books of All Time?!

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Di Sanchez says:

what’s on your lips? it looks so good on you!

rose rupard says:

I just finished Carrion Comfort and what a ride. It was not what I expected and I was not disappointed.

Victoria Ellis says:

I know this video is a few months old now but I am just here to say: THE WITCHES STILL HAUNTS ME. I watched it with my mom when I was 10 and never again. Never. Again.

Carter Hayes says:

Ghost Story – Peter Straub, Dan Simmons – summer of night.

Cotton Hill says:

Hell House is on my book shelf, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I liked I am Legend by Matheson..

Dawn Kurtagich says:

I'm always looking for more horror. I can't get enough!

lameboii says:

The witches! Yesssss 😭❤️

Carissa Quinn says:

I think American Psycho the movie is way better than the book personally. Although if you like really really rough violence. The book makes the movie look like a G rated film. Although the main reason why I love the movie more is how they juxtapose things from the novel really heightened the impact for me. Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates was also rough but I loved it way more. Lots of great books on here. (Also have you read the Mersault Investigation? It’s a retelling of the Stranger. Not really horror either but very good.)

Kindra Spears says:

the first thriller I've ever read was Famous Last Words by Katie Alender. That was back in 6th grade but from what I remember it made my stomach churn. Would recommend

moonshadow387 says:

Hell House by Richard Matheson (the book and the graphic novel) scared the fuck out of me.

Jhonny Yovera says:

Penpal is good!

Lynxie Dove says:

If you havn't, check out both Andrew Pyper (He's written quite a few books, but have only read The Killing CIrcle.) And Bentley Little (Again, quite a few books, but only read University and Dominion.) Not going to say that they are the most horrifying books, but they were twisty and intriguing, particularly University.

xrysig says:

"Night film" is just perfect!!!!

tiffany anne says:

Zombie is A+ I highly recommend.

Colby B says:

I'd recommend Hell House. Strong characters and lots of good spooky moments that might get to you if you're reading at night.

Darrin Freeman says:

The Lottery-Shirley Jackson
The Fog- James Herbert
Masque of the Red Death- Edgar Allan Poe

Crawford Glissadevil says:

Carrion Comfort is fabulous! Besides the usual suspects, I'd add: "The Damnation Game" by Clive Barker, "Summer of Night" by Dan Simmons, "Stinger" by Robert McCammon, "The Narrows" by Ronald Malfi, and "The Summoning" by Bentley Little.

Terrifying short story? Ray Bradbury- "Frost and Fire"

If you like the list and want a few more, just respond and I'll check back in a month. In answer to your question…Yes, "Hell House" by Richard Matheson is worth it.

Steven Roberts says:

May not be a novel but I'm curious as to your opinion of call of cthulu

John Reremoana says:

l know some 2 old school horror movies you can watch (most probably you've already seen) and probably review, 'A Devil…To A Daughter' and 'The Manitou', Thanks.

Joana Nunes says:

You have to read Blindness. It's one of my all time favorite books. It's a dystopian novel written by our noble prized author Jose Saramago and it is such a masterpiece! I'm proud of being portuguese when someone mentions this book 🙂

K says:

I had to DNF "We have to talk about Kevin" as I thought it to be unneccesarily blown up and convoluted. It's an epistolary novel from the perspective of the mother, and for me it was a horrible read. Haven't seen the movie tho.
American Psycho on the other hand is very well constructed and hilarious at times. Much better than the movie!

And I highly, HIGHLY recommend the "RING" series! It's so confusing in the best japanese kind of way, it's worth to give it a shot.

The scene that traumatized me in "The Witches" as a child was the one with the girl turned into a paining in the prolog…It horrified me as I had to imagine how sad her life must have been.

Great video and keep up the awesome work~

P.S. Spread the Junji Itou love!

Kristina Arntz says:

As a kid I loved the movie The Witches. Whereas years later I showed it to a few girl cousins of mine. The 11 year old was fine with it but the 8 year old was terrified and I had to turn it off.

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