Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Impressions – The OLED MacBook Killer?

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Is the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro better than the MacBook Pro? I’m hands-on with Samsung’s 2021 laptops – with a 15.6″ AMOLED display, 11th Gen Intel CPU & weighing just 1.05kg! Will the 2021 Galaxy Book Pro be worth buying?

00:00 New Samsung Galaxy Books!
00:35 Galaxy Book vs Pro vs Pro 360
01:00 Design
01:40 AMOLED Screen!
02:17 Specs (Intel 11th Gen)
02:45 Intel Evo
03:15 Comfy Keyboard & Touchpad
03:40 Galaxy Ecosystem
04:09 Prices!
04:33 Galaxy Book Pro vs MacBook?
05:20 Worth the Hype?

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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps! What do you think of the new Galaxy Books… tempted?

UPDATE: Looks like there may be a 5G version of the Pro 360 in some countries.
UPDATE 2: Pro can be spec'd with up to 32GB + 1TB in some regions

Thomas Falkowski says:

The Razor professional 17 and the Samsung professional are so far my most favorite laptops.

Revshare Global says:

The macbook air 13 inch specs blow this away…and its insane cause I prefer windows.

Jahid Islam Riyad says:

32 GB Ram Iphone Laptop Vidio Broo

Collins Emmanuel says:

if Samsung should put the keyboard we re using as a glass touchable screen they will be tough to be beaten

Liv in says:

The pro looks like a promising option. The ecosystem thing is the most attractive thing. I also love how Samsung service works. So looking forward to this product line kick off. 2-3 gen down the line. It will be a must buy for many.

Cris Chapman says:

Looking at the Pro360. Any idea why the keys are black and chassis more silver than the pro? I like the white keyboard on the Pro but with the touch screen tablet mode of the 360

Denis R. says:

Absolutely NO chance against new Apple M1 Mac computers.
M1 Chips are intel chips killers which are already obsolete!

Kazi Hasham says:

Price in us

sun yoon says:

40% lighter is a key

Kudumula Hanumantharao says:

What is the price of galaxy book in Indian rupees

Google Account says:

Everytime I watch the samsung book 360 review the isheep in the comment always try to defend the m1 is better intel suck or they use cheap material its annoying

CarlyUTube says:

The way that screen was shaking when you wrote on it is a real sign of “I don’t want it”

Ashok nath says:

Lol, I am just watching because I have M1 chipped Macbook pro, just to compare how much better my device is and ahead of practically every device on market.

DEATH says:

At the end of the day MacBook or Razer Studio

Alfredo G. J. O. says:

No 16:10 is a huge disadvantage imo

Daniel Ng says:

The turn-off would be the 4 years security updates gate for Android. So any eco-system would be a problem on continuity. Unlike Apple.

Dingo says:

If there's only one thing that could beat apples M1 chip it's not intel…

Snow Leopard says:

Honestly, I'll rather wait for MBP 14", Also these GBooks are very expensive.

Евгений says:

These are good devices. Now it's all about MacOS vs Windows kinda thing.

whats in a name? says:

You are a funny person! M1 will blow the crap out. What is this comparison between a toddler and Bolt? Be fair to my Samsung

Parthiv Prathipati says:

What are the different colors which come with the galaxy book pro?

Troy Walt says:

And it has Intel, lol good joke samsung

Mark Terrin says:

Too glossy(((

Dennis Chia says:

Does the book pro 15.6 inch come with touch screen

Pericles Sá says:

Is the Galaxy Book Pro better than the MacBook Air?

Bohdan Trotsenko says:

It's only FullHD (

Engineer20201 says:

I don't understand why some manufacturers still insist number pad on 15 inch laptops. Dell managed to remove them for their premium XPS and same with Apple.

Jake says:

Very comprehensive review and honest comment. Fantastic video
I had no option than to Subscribe to the channel 👏

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