Ringworld by Larry Niven: Sci-Fi Book Review # 2 (spoiler free)

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My second book review- A look at Larry Niven’s fantastic Ringworld & his “Known Space” series


Professor Stratego _ says:

Will you do another one in the future ?

SpaceWaffles says:

Review starts at 1:32

John Coffey says:

Written in 1970, this award winning book is considered a classic. I read the book decades ago, but now I’m listening to the audiobook for free at the link https://youtu.be/nLjIc1DU8HE. It spawned a few sequels, and there is a body of literature by multiple authors that take place in this “Known Space” universe created by Larry Niven. I recently finished the four audiobooks for the “Fleet of Worlds” series which are prequels to Ringworld, and I highly recommend them. I think that they are at least as good as Ringworld.

I very much like listening to audiobooks before going to sleep at night. It relaxes me.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

Tim Staffell says:

It's not a great story, but the one saving grace is what makes all sci-fi entertaining, and that is the single, wonderful, fantastic idea of the Ringworlod itself…

Tim Staffell says:

It isn't the first story in the Known Space series

jinx5005 says:

The reviews of it on Goodreads are pretty bad. I had to avoid it all together.

Garou Wolf says:

thx for the review

OneManArmy says:

Nice review

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