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Hey guys!! Thank you so much for watching today’s video!
I really hope you all enjoyed it! see you soon! -jewl (:





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culture cypher says:

i loved that book but the tv show bores that crap outta me. same with the godfather, it's one of the best books i've ever read but i didn't enjoy the film.

Chris Vaccaro says:

Have you seen the movies? Manhunter, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, etc. You should check them out if you haven't. Manhunter and Silence are especially great. As good as the show.

Viktor Lecter says:

The tv show pales in comparison to the movies.

bayernlover1 says:

good review

Nick Barefoot says:

I have that shakespeare collection in the background too

Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack says:

After recently watching the series Hannibal I just have to read this book soon 😎👍🏻

the real zeldamaster of minecraft says:

Brian cox vs Anthony Hopkins vs the 2 hannibal rising versions of hannibal kid and adult vs mads mikkelsen

the real zeldamaster of minecraft says:

Just for the people who want a chronological order of the adaptations of all the books:
Manhunter 1986 which is a adaptation of red dragon
The silence of the lambs 1991
Hannibal 2001
Red dragon 2002 it is based on this book but is not the 1st movie watch the other 3 first
Hannibal rising 2008
Hannibal TV series 2013-2015 also a red dragon thing not based on the 3rd book hannibal.

Sarthak Shandilya says:

Its a great book but the show has completely nailed it

Jeremiah Aston says:

I felt like the author helped keep the story fresh for me by introducing the narrative through Dolarhyde's perspective midway and introducing details about his abusive history. Often times I've read crime novels that don't satisfy my need to understand the antagonists motivations, however I felt that Thomas Harris did a great job crafting Dolarhyde's insanity and split personality of "The Dragon." Also I wished for a prolonged confrontation between Graham and Dolarhyde at the story's conclusion. Great review.

فاروق وهبي says:

I need a novel like this 😀

Kayla Bahri says:

You're so young to read this, its awesome that you even know about these books. Didn't they come out in the 80's? lol

carrymeohio says:

Great review, Julia. I just ordered the book, literally like five minutes ago. Can't wait to read this one.

A. Charles Ross AKA Phantom Lock Creates says:

Check out the movie Manhunter, it's based off the book and is fantastic!

Enrique Torres says:

"In the green machine there is no mercy; we make mercy, manufacture it in the parts that have outgrown our basic reptile brain" That is my favorite quote from the book. I love how in the series they sometimes divided Graham's line from the books with Hannibal's. It has a certain feeling of… I don't know how to call it… similarity.

The Manhunter says:

The reason why it says 'first hannibal' book is just for someone to be tricked into buying it thinking it was based on Hannibal. The quotes are AMAZING in the 'Hannibal' books ikr. I feel like Hannibal is different in each book too, not TOO different but different somehow. I feel that the less of Hannibal makes his presence that more exciting when reading or seeing him too.

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